5 Wedding Themes For Your Big Day

Wedding Themes For Your Big Day - Wedding Affair

Selecting a wedding theme can offer great benefits. Wedding themes add a cohesive and personalized touch to your big day, making it even more memorable for you and your guests. Moreover themes also help to create a consistent aesthetic throughout the wedding, from the invitations to décor creating a visually stunning experience. Selecting a theme for your wedding also makes the planning process much easier by providing a clear direction for your choice of color, decorations, wedding events, and even the outfits. Each theme creates a unique atmosphere and sets the tone for the wedding. Hence selecting a wedding theme is a great way to showcase your personality and style as a couple, however it can be very confusing to choose a theme, to help you out we have brought 5 wedding themes that are trending this season.

The Royal Rajasthani Wedding

Who does not dream of a wedding as grand as the kings and queens? A royal rajasthani wedding theme sounds absolutely enchanting. Rajasthani weddings in itself are very royal, they are known for their grandeur and rich cultural traditions. A royal wedding has it all, rich vibrant colors like royal blue, deep red, golden yellow, along with intricate rajasthani motifs and traditional décor elements like ornate mandap, colorful umbrellas and beautiful rajasthani artwork. You can further enhance the experience by involving some rajasthani puppet shows, music and folk dances.

Here are some more ideas to make your royal rajasthani theme even more enchanting.

  • Venue – to add that royal touch choose a palace or a heritage property in rajasthan as your wedding venue, the architecture will create a royal ambience. Some venue options- ITC rajputana, umaid bhawan, neemrana fort

Rajasthani Venue

  • Attire – for your royal rajasthani wedding go for traditional rajasthani attire with vibrant colors. A royal lehenga, bandhgala and turban along with traditional jewellery can do the magic.

Rajasthani Attire

  • Décor – to decorate the venue traditional elements can be used like colorful fabrics with mirror work, rajasthani puppets, colorful umbrellas etc

Rajasthani Decor

  • Food – serve a royal rajasthani feast with dishes like dal bhatti choorma, gate ki sabzi, ker sangria and laal maas along with rajasthani desserts like ghewar, choorma laddoo and malpua.

Rajasthani Food

  • Entertainment – you can arrange traditional rajasthani folk dances like ghoomar and puppet shows to keep your guests entertained.

Rajasthani Entertainment

Bollywood Madness

Are you a simran who has found her raj or do you believe in pyaar dosti hai? Then a bollywood themed wedding is for you? To match the filmy you, the wedding should be filled with glitz and glamour with references from your favorite movies scattered everywhere. Here are some ideas for a bollywood wedding

  • Venue – choose a wedding venue that resemble a bollywood set or has a glamorous ambience. You could even consider a film studio or a lavish hotel banquet.

Bollywood Venue - Wedding Themes

  • Attire – embrace the bollywood style with glittering outfits, inspired by iconic movie looks along with their over the top jewellery.

Bollywood Attire - Wedding Themes

  • Décor – shimmering lights, larger than life props, film reels, movie posters and a stunning red carpet.

Bollywood Decor

  • Food – for your bollywood wedding you can serve your guests with movie themed buffet and drinks. Consider having food stalls themed after your favorite movie.

Bollywood Food

  • Entertainment – everything about bollywood screams entertainment. You can hire a live band or dj to play hit bollywood numbers; you can also recreate your favorite bollywood dance number or plan a flash mob.

Bollywood Entertainment

Beachy Fun

Do you want ocean as your backdrop, sun as your spotlight and ocean breeze as your wind machine then a beach themed wedding is for you. Beach wedding can be super fun and exciting with nautical elements all around. Here are some ideas you can incorporate in your beachy wedding.

  • Venue – for a beach themed wedding you can choose a stunning beach location for the ceremony. While selecting the beach go for a picturesque beach with blue waters and white sand.

Beach Venue - Wedding Themes

  • Attire – keep your outfits light and airy to match the beach setting. Moreover instead of very dark colors one should go for pastel colors. The bride can opt for something light and flowy along with minimal jewellery and groom can opt for a relaxed look with linen suit or khaki pants.

Beach Attire

  • Décor – the décor should highlight the natural elements. For a beach wedding the décor should be kept minimal, it can include sea shells, star fishes, twinkling lights and soft flowy fabrics.

Beach Decor

  • Food – serve your guests a true coastal feast with fresh seafood, tropical fruits and refreshing cocktails. You can also arrange a beachside barbeque.

Beach Food - Wedding Themes

  • Entertainment – to keep your guests entertained you can arrange some fun beachside games like volleyball, message in the bottle, and sand castle making competition. Live music by the beach can also be a great option.

Beach Entertainment

Nawabi Gala

A nawabi lucknow themed wedding will transport you and your guest to the world of opulence and grace. Here are some ideas to bring elegance and grandeur of lucknow’s nawab to your big day.

  • Venue – choose a venue that exudes the charm of lucknow’s architecture such as a heritage haveli, palace, or a garden inspired by mughal elements.

Nawabi Venue

  • Attire – embrace the regal nawabi style, with your attire. The bride can opt for a royal gharara in a rich fabric with heavy zardosi work, it can also include pearls and stones. To embrace the nawabi style even more a passa can be added. The groom can opt for a timeless sherwani with embroidery and a classy turban

Nawabi Attire - Wedding Themes

  • Décor – talking about the décor of the venue, incorporate elements of lucknow that highlights the rich culture and history. Use chikankari fabric, floral decorations, peacock feathers, huge chandeliers, and vintage elements.

Nawabi Decor

  • Food – serve a true nawabi meal to your guests with lucknawi dishes like Awadhi biryani, kebabs, galouti kebab and the famous sheermal along with authentic sweets like shahi tukda, kulfi falooda, and lucknow ki revdi.

Lucknowi Biryani

  • Entertainment – to keep your guests entertained you can arrange special dances. You can also set up live qawwali and ghazal sessions.

Nawabi Entertainment - Wedding Themes

Green Wedding

Many nature loving couples choose a green theme for their wedding with the hope of giving something back to the environment. The green wedding themes supports the concept of sustainability and promotes a more eco- friendly wedding. Here are some ideas to incorporate green ideas into your wedding.

  • Venue – choose a eco friendly venue, with lush green surroundings to set a great and picturesque backdrop. You can also choose a great botanical garden as your venue.

Green Venue

  • Attire – embrace the green theme of your wedding by choosing beautiful shades of green as your outfit. The bride can opt for sage green flowy fabric with beautiful floral embroidery and the groom can add to the green theme with matching green tie or pocket square.

Green Attire

  • Décor – fresh foliage, ferns and succulents can be used as centerpieces or even table decorations. To contribute to the eco-friendly set up the artificial lights can be replaced by candles, oil lamps, earthen lamps, and glass reflectors.

Green Decor

  • Food – you can serve local cuisines to your guests to promote the local culture and resources. Embracing the green serve fresh salads, green vegetables, herb infused cuisines, and fresh herby cocktails and mock tails.

Green Food - Wedding Themes

  • Entertainment – in order to keep your guests entertained you can organize a planting drive where everyone will plant various plants. Moreover you can gift your guests seeds, small potted plants, and reusable items like jute bags, bamboo items etc.

Green Entertainment - Wedding Themes

Remember these were just some ideas feel free to add your personal touch and personalize your wedding themes to create a truly magical day.