7 Bridal Bangles Every Bride Should Own


It is a dream of every bride-to-be that she look perfect on her big day. For that, she does her best to get “that look” which gets the heads turning. For getting the perfect look, your jewellery should also be perfect. Let us give you some suggestions on how to decide your ideal bangles according to your wedding attire.

1) Diamond Bangles


They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and we couldn’t agree more. Diamonds are indeed the right choice for every girl and for every occasion.

2) Glass Bangles

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Glass bangles are an age-old and traditional choice among most of the bangles. These bangles look great when paired up properly.

3) Chura

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Chura always looks great on the bride. So when in doubt resort to the chura.

4) Baaju Band


Baju band is one of the most neglected pieces of jewellery in bridal jewellery, but you should wear it to make your appearance more ethereal.

5) Haath Phool


Haath phool, also known as hand chain, is one of the go-to jewellery pieces amongst the millennial brides.

6) Gokhru Bangle


Gokhru looks lovely and different from other bangles. It enhances its appearance perfectly.

7) Pearl Bangles


Pearl bangles give your hands a delicate look, pair it up with your wedding attire for a graceful wedding look.

These bangles will definitely enhance your look. With perfect bangles, your hands will automatically look graceful and to top of that your mehendi’s designs would stand out more.

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