A 101 Guide To Sexy Honeymooning


The way your partner strokes your hair, the way they hold your face; the glace they cast upon your body and the tenderness of a touch that makes you go weak in the knees; raunchiest time in bed is often derived from these little gestures. Honeymoon is the time when you can’t get enough of each other, you are still exploring each other’s sexual desires and it’s just the sweetest time for couples’ time in bed. It is the time when you multiply these gestures with each other by 10.

It can be difficult sometimes, for couples, to enjoy their honeymoon to the brim as they might be tired of all the planning and hard work they have just put in their wedding. The pressure of having the best time during the honeymoon can be pretty daunting too sometimes as this period sets the tone for the couple’s sexual journey for the time to come. Therefore, sweet gestures, scented candles, and hot cuddles aren’t enough to have the best sex ever. Here are the things you can try during your honeymoon to spice up time in bed.

  1. Go Skinny Dipping

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You might have spent a lot of time in bed already, or you might just be too tired of spending time inside rooms. By going skinny dipping together, you can check various things off your list like spending time outside (maybe a personal swimming pool outside your room), having a fun time with each other and also letting your body get relaxed by the warm/cool water.

  1. Role Play!


Remember the time Rachel dressed up as Princess Leia, just to tick off Ross’s sexual fantasy? Even you can try that. It can be cute, super fun and very-very hot. Talk to your partner about each other’s sexual fantasies and play a little dress-up in the bedroom to ignite some hot moves on each other.

  1. Aphrodisiacs

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Try exotic local dishes from the place you are visiting, preferably aphrodisiacs like oysters, chocolates, asparagus or avocados as these are known to arouse sexual desires. Stay in and stay warm in each other after a sumptuous meal.

  1. Massages

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If you want to keep the sexual quotient high but also want to relax during your honeymoon, massaging each other can be the best option for you. While a good massage can open-up your muscle knots, it also means both of you oiling each other really nice and also setting the right mood for a sexy love-making to follow.

  1. Read Erotica To Each Other

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You can read-out a few steamy pages from erotica to each other turn by turn and set the stage for the hot sex to follow. Add a little theatre to your enunciation. Use your sexy voice while reading out the words to your partner. Raunch up the act!

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