Ace your groom jewellery game


We keep forgetting that equal number of eyes are on the well dressed, dapper groom as much as it is on the bride. Here are 4 sensational wedding accessory for groom ideas we have curated from weddings.


Safa/Pagri adornments 

Be it in matching colours with the brides lehenga or a festive one you can never go wrong with adornment on your headgear. kalangi with pearls and rubies, pearl strands or a cascading string of jewels make great choices of bejewelled headgear for men.


Classic pearl.necklaces 

Sherwani matched with pearls is a perfect combination.Pearl necklace and kundan mala for groom has become trousseau essentials over jewel-toned silk, brocade or velvet fabric. 


Brooches to cufflinks

There are a 100 ways to add brooches to your wedding shewani but the classic over the chest pocket adds a bit  detailing to the groom’s look. Royal emblems such as lions and swords and shields, or other regals animals make for great detailing on groom sherwani accessories like sherwani buttons, belt buckles, sherwani Kamar band.


Bracelets and watches 

hand-sculpted, a customised bracelet can go a long way , pairing this up with a expensive and quality watch can perk up the grooms look.Crafted in solid gold with monograms, religious symbols or other traditional motifs, a cuff bracelet adds glamour to every groom’s attire.