Be royal makeup ready this wedding season!

Royal Bride
Orlova Maria

Every girl wishes to look like a stunner in her wedding and every single girl wishes to make all the heads turn in her direction as she makes that grand entry to the venue. Decked in an elaborate lehenga, a heavily embroidered veil placidly resting on her head as your face exudes the charm of a royal princess, isn’t that something how every girl would want to look like on her wedding day. Fret not cause we bring to you a handy guide as to how to nail the royal look. 

Be A Royal Ready Bride

The season royal makeup looks are totally slaying all over and have become the new favoured flavour amongst the modern brides. The traditional Indian royal look is gaudy, full of various shades of reds and excessively elaborate. The royalties always want to be looked upon as who they really are and hence don’t transform themselves as someone who can’t be recognized in the first glance. Therefore, they go for a look which only accentuates their original features without creating an illusion.

Prepare The Bride

It takes numerous days of hard work to achieve the bridal look which is a perfection of regality. Firstly the bride needs to undergo various facial treatments, just so her face becomes a smooth canvas for further adornment. To achieve the flawless royal look, your countenance has to be smooth, without any patches. A smooth countenance makes for an excellent space to be worked upon so it can be transformed into a vision of beauty. 

Royal bride
Marius Muresan

Follow Your Beauty Regimes Sincerely

You must be preoccupied finalising all the pre-wedding chores, for instance checking up on your wedding planner, zeroing down on your ensembles and the list goes on and on. There’s plenty you need to take care of but don’t let your beauty regime waver. Your beauty regime must remain intact at all costs so that the makeup does not take a toll on your face post-wedding. Brace yourself well and don’t forget even a night of exfoliation, toning and moistursing your skin as best as you can. Remember that you can shine on your D-day only if have started worked for it at least 4 weeks prior. Create a regime that works for you and stick to it. 

Work On The Pores

Cleanse your face appropriately with ice to minimise the pores of your skin and so that your skin doesn’t sweat profusely after the application of makeup. First things first, apply a layer of gel-based primer on your face so that the heavy dose of makeup cannot penetrate through your skin and then apply a very fine coating of bronze powder. Apply a fair amount of foundation to your face which has to be in accordance to your skin colour. Opt for a golden concealer so that it goes well with the regal look you wish to create. 

After having worked on your face, start to work on your eyes so that your look exudes the desired amount of panache. Make sure you have filled your eyebrows to make it look definitive. A brow powder or a gel works better than any eyebrow pencil any day. More importantly, ensure that you don’t draw out sharp eyebrows, keep it soft but defined so it exuded the perfect bridal aura. After filling your brows immaculately, add light touches of blush to your cheeks. The blush ought to be in shades of pink or red to give your face that bride-like look. 

Royal bride
Valerie Elash


  • Be specific about your shade of makeup. Don’t switch to a different brand of makeup in the last minute.
  • Hydrate yourself well before the makeup session begins. 
  • Schedule a makeup rehearsal session with your makeup artist a week before your D-day.
  • Opt for a lip liner closest to the colour of your lipstick.
  • Don’t skip the primer even if it seems redundant to you. It will help your makeup to last longer than usual. 
  • Dab a similar coloured eyeshadow over your eyeliner with gentle strokes. It helps to set your eyeliner for a longer duration. 
  • You can also opt for a setting spray so as to hold the makeup in its place.

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