Beat the bloat with these simple steps


Who does not want a flatter tummy before their wedding. It’s the biggest nightmare for a bride to feel uncomfortable before her wedding,when the fit of the dress is not right because of bloating. Since this is unarguably going to be one of the most special days of your life – we would want you to be comfortable and make the most of this blissful journey! So, check out these quick remedies and learn ways to combat bloating!

 Limit the Alcohol

Alcohol indeed does not help much when you’re preparing for your wedding . If you’re going to enjoy a few drinks in the days leading up to your big day, make sure to avoid drinks like beer because it is known for causing bloating. This rule not just goes to aerated drinks but also to other carbonated drinks like champagne which can hurt your gut and make you feel uncomfortable .The best option is to choose wine instead. If you’re looking to avoid alcohol altogether, then kombucha is a good option.

Avoid Skipping Meals

 It’s ok to be nervous before your wedding but that does not mean you should go to bed empty stomach. Keep your endless to do list aside and  grab breakfast before you leave the house, skipping meals can cause major bloat. If there are long periods of time when nothing is in the gut, it becomes a little inactive and this makes bloating even more likely the next time you do fuel up. If you feel nervous enough to not eat anything then grab a snack and make sure it’s a healthy snack at that. Include lots of probiotics into your diet as they always help fight bloating.

Eat mindfully 

When eating you should always eat mindfully. Don’t be that bride who is scrolling through phones as you take a bite  during meal time. Such practices causes you to chew less, which leads to bloat and makes your digestive system work overtime to break down your food. The cure? Slow down and eat mindfully, avoid any liquids during your meals and make sure to chew before you swallow your food as it helps break down your food better in your gut.