Bloom Your Wedding In Grace With Floral Décor

Floral Decor For Wedding

Floral décor has always been en vogue exuding elegance and charisma. There could be no better option than making eternal promises of love amidst the elegant garden and an array of vibrant and fragrant flowers. Here is a list of a few idyllic ways that will make your event a memorable affair and a celebration that will live long in everybody’s hearts.

Floral Altars

Floral Altars

Leave your guests go gaga with adrenaline-gushing sights and be the star of the show by walking down the aisle in luxuriant floral surroundings. Drape the pillars in colours like crimson, pink, and violet paired with flowers of your choice. Become a trendsetter and add a touch of serenity by going all white with white flowers, white drapes, and everything white which would compliment the bright outfits of the bride and groom.  

Floral Canopy Mandap

Floral Mandap Decor

Lock your nuptials under a mesmerising floral mandap. Lend a majestic touch to your wedding by adorning your mandap with luscious orchids, bougainvillea, floral hangings, and garlands. From giving a traditional touch with a royal ambiance to making it chic by adding garden roses, dahlia, and anemones to your décor, there are myriad ways to enhance the appeal of your mandap. Get soaked in the tranquility of wedding bliss amidst these outlandish mandaps and  turn it into an indelible experience to be cherished for a lifetime.


Floral Chandeliers

Make your wedding celebration unforgettable in a charming setting beneath opulent chandeliers. Impress your wedding guests with extravagance and grandeur by covering the ceiling with flamboyant flower chandeliers. Create a dreamy whimsical effect by choosing flowers of shades pink, white, and red. Hanging wind chimes along with your chandeliers would make for the perfect cherry on the top and enthrall you to the core.


Floral Centerpieces

It is when all the ceremonies have been performed and your friends and relatives dine in, the real celebration begins. Take it up a notch and give a regal and sophisticated appeal to your table flower decoration with those lavish centerpieces. Make a statement with tall centerpieces of cherry blossoms or baby’s breath. Floral vases with hydrangeas and stems paired with ferns have continued to be favourites and are in a league of their own.

Flower Arch

Floral Arch

Captivate your guests with dreamy envisions by creating a magical realm of beauty with a magnificent lush green backdrop and vibrant flowers. Adorn it with eloquent flowers like baby breath or beach blooms and flaunt your expression of love with those drool-worthy wedding pictures against this charismatic spot.

Choosing The Right Flowers

Choosing The Right Flowers For The Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most crucial days of your life. Pay heed to nitty-gritty details and choose the flowers in accordance with what significance they hold.

Hydrangea – Along with adding exquisite elegance to your wedding décor with its generous round shape, hydrangea symbolizes perseverance, gratitude, and affection and exudes the meaning of first love.

Lily – Its different hues are symbolic of different meanings. White Lily depicts devotion and modesty. Orange shows passion and yellow is for gaiety.

Peony – Peony in Chinese is Sho yu meaning most beautiful, this flower is symbolic of good luck, honor, compassion, and fortune which makes it a perfect fit for your wedding décor.

Lily of the Valley – As the name suggests this flower represents sweetness and purity of heart

Orchids – The flower that has stood the test of time has its meaning associated with elegance, charm, fertility, luxury, and refinement.

Bring out the essence of your everlasting love with the enchanting variety of these flowers and set up a romantic ambience to unfurl a pleasant feeling of love. Leave no stone unturned in executing your dream wedding with these verdant environs and make your wedding day nothing less than a surreal experience.