Build your Relationship before the Wedding


Relationships go through multiple phases in their lifetime. And if you have reached a point where you are absolutely sure about your partner, and said yes to the ring, there is some final homework to be done. Marriage is a huge thing. You cannot just turn away from it on facing an inconvenience with your partner, like breaking up. It is a life-long promise to them and their family. In order to make a fool and final decision, try the below tips to strengthen your bond with your significant other, and explore answers to unsaid questions –

  1. Spend time with each other’s families
Organize mini get-togethers with each other’s families.

This is an extremely crucial step that you need to take before tying the knot. Loving each other is not enough, loving each other’s families is. Spend time with each other’s folks to understand how they get along with each other, what they prefer doing mostly, their values and cultural beliefs, and how things go about between them. This will not only broaden your perspective but will also prepare you for your future life. And this applies to both partners. Go for lunches and dinners, casual movie and shopping outings, etc.

  1. Meet each other’s friends and people at work
Friends and colleagues can offer great insights into your partner’s behavior.

Friends play an important role in a person’s life, and also show how the person is outside of their homely environment. Ask your partner to introduce you to their regular and close friends, along with workplace pals. This way you can get along better, and you can understand your partner from a more relaxed point of view. After all, your partner might want to hang out with these people after you get married, and that, should not turn out to be an issue for you.

  1. Talk about the life history
Communicate about the things that you have been through.

History can be challenging. People face tonnes of issues in their lives, which a lot of others might not be aware of. This could be financial struggles, family disparities, problems with previous partners, etc. it is important that to-be partners talk about such situations of their lives freely with their half halves to discuss where they come from. This also shapes your partner’s mind rationally to understand the reason for your behavior in certain aspects of the conversation.

  1. Learn about their likes and dislikes
Discuss your likes, dislikes and interests.

Many of you might have already been over this phase of the relationship, but let’s just look at it one more time. Assume that you do not prefer having sweets, and your partner is a baker. How do you go about that? Looking from a distance it is evident that you dislike desserts, but your partner loves them. Now, both of you must find a common tangent where neither your taste is disruption, nor their profession facing a hurdle. That’s the thing about likes and dislikes. It is human to not have the same interests, but your willingness to mold them is what is really needed to align your relationship.

  1. Discuss life after marriage
Talk about the things that you wish to do after marriage.

List out the things that you want to do after getting hitched, and ask your partner to do likewise. Now talk about how you both see those things, and if you mutually agree on something, how you wish to achieve them. Many separations are a result of a lack of communication and understanding, where one of the partners turns out to be incompetent to the other, and this creates multiple conflicts. You certainly do not want that. Therefore, debate over the plan of action after marrying each other. This is also critical as some couples see marriage as the ultimate goal. But what after that?

  1. Include kids, finances, and future in the conversation
Do you and your partner wish to have kids?

Here comes the hard talk. Money and kids – are probably the most prevalent topic of argument amongst couples. Some people want kids, some don’t, some want them now, some may want it in the future, some are unsure about it but will figure it out in some time, while some may want children but are too scared of the responsibilities. The same goes for finances. It is true that love isn’t enough. You need funds to source your love and sustain it too, for a smoother life. Well, we are not saying that you must leave your partner in times of money problems, but consent is important. Talk about spendings and investments, needs and wants, shared money, and independent money.

    1. Plan a trip before the wedding
Living together is a great way to build a relationship.

At first, this may seem like a fun ride, but take it as an educational trip. For the low-key people, we would say plan a couple-only trip. But people for whom this is a feasible option, opt for living together. A concept that is common but still not seen as regular, living in might be a task to accomplish. Whatever the case, you must how it is like to live with your partner. We may be in love with the person, but their lifestyle is yet to be explored. There are a lot of things that have to be learned and adapted, along with traversing the art of adjustments.