Top Beaches For A Wedding In India You Need To Explore


Are the wedding bells already ringing? We’re sure you’ve heard several “this marriage was created in heaven” statements. Nobody tells you how much hell you’ll have to go through to have your dream wedding come true. The most significant and time-consuming decision you’ll have to make about invites, guest lists, menus, décor, clothing, gifts, and other details is deciding where you want to marry. We understand how difficult it may be to select the finest site in India for you and your future spouse to exchange vows, particularly if you want a beach wedding.

Goa (The queen of beaches) 

Goa the Queen of beaches

Weddings in Goa have been popular since the beginning of India’s big fat destination weddings. Due to its postcard-perfect resorts, simple accessibility, and breathtaking beaches, this lovely beach location has grown in popularity over time.

Far from the crowds, resorts in South Goa allow you to spice up your wedding with various functions. You can have it all, from modest weddings in the garden to endless after-parties on the beach, rain dances in the Arabian Sea, and casual poolside beverages.

The captivating photographs were taken for your pre-wedding session across Goa’s exotic destinations, monuments, and resorts will add to the unforgettable experience. The appealing beaches at sunset provide an additional setting for some truly lovely wedding images.

Kerala (The land of heritage beaches)

Kerala the land of heritage beaches

Is there somewhere finer than God’s Own Country for you and your partner to be united in holy matrimony? Almost certainly not! Kerala is ideal for an intimate wedding ceremony, with its bright skies, turquoise waters, lush greenery, and various resorts dispersed along the Malabar Coast.

The tiny beaches along Kerala’s vast coastline, whether in Kovalam or Varkala, provide the most breathtaking views for your special day. Imagine marrying among swaying palm palms, a pleasant sea wind, tranquilly, and the Arabian Sea’s endless vistas… Nothing compares to it!

October to March is the best time to have a beach wedding in Kerala.

Udaipur (The elegant beatuy of beaches) 

Udaipur the land of elegant beaches

Udaipur consistently ranks first among Indian wedding destinations, and with good reason. Its bright blue skies, magnificent buildings, and breathtaking lakes provide the perfect backdrop for a royal ceremony. Rest confident that your wedding photographs will be lively and colourful! One perk is that once the festivities are over, your guests will have enough to do, from sightseeing tours to exciting activities like boating on Pichola Lake.

Andaman (The thrilling beaches) 

Andaman the thrilling beaches

The Andaman Islands are the ideal location for a calm, low-key wedding rather than a large extravaganza. The Bay of Bengal’s golden sand beaches, relaxing and pleasant temperatures, and blue waters will provide the ideal setting for you and your partner to begin a new life together.

Many resorts on the Havelock and Ross Islands can assist you in planning your wedding according to your budget. These resorts will handle everything from ceremonial arrangements to designers, caterers, and florists to guarantee that you have your fairy-tale wedding.

You can even speak your vows, take the pheras on the beach, have an indoor ceremony, or embark on an adrenaline-pumping speedboat experience. Whatever you choose, your guests will remember a ‘vacation wedding’ for the rest of their lives.

September through May is the best time to have a beach wedding in Andaman.

Alibaug (The explored  beauty of beaches) 

Ailbaug the unexplored beauty of beaches

Many celebrities and other people have preferred the serene and peaceful town of Alibaug near Mumbai for discreet nuptials. So, if you want to avoid the tourist crowds in Goa while still having a gorgeous beach wedding, this is the place to go.

Alibaug’s quiet and clean beaches are lined by many resorts that offer the most creative wedding decorations and make wonderful wedding sites for you and your lover. Depending on your preferences, you can have a stunning white wedding or a colourful desi wedding at this beachfront site.

Lakshadweep ( The royal beaches) 

Lakshadweep the royal beaches

Off the coast of mainland India, Lakshadweep Islands are one of the top beach wedding destinations in the country because tourist traps haven’t yet overrun it. Its unspoiled beaches, beautiful surroundings, and remote appeal make it the ideal setting for one of your most romantic days.

When choosing this tropical paradise, keep in mind that not all islands are open to visitors, and foreigners are subject to additional limitations. You can visit the islands of Kalpani, Kavaratti, Agatti, or Bangaram, each of which has something distinctive to offer for your special occasion.

There are several resorts and hotels on these islands, but you can also book a cruise ship to marry in the middle of the emerald sea if you so desire. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even arrange for guests to participate in water sports such as scuba diving, kayaking, and fishing.