Signs your relationship has hit the rock


There are times when things might not be so hunky-dory in a relationship. Sure, it’s a rose garden in the beginning and it seems like you couldn’t be happier. But then there comes a point where things don’t seem so good. There are a lot of things that start bothering you and it seems as if the relationship over. But the important thing at such times is to notice whether the relationship is actually coming to an end or it is simply a bad phase that you two are going through. So if you aren’t sure where your relationship is going, then look out for these signs to know if it’s just a phase or a breakup is near.

relationshipIt feels boring

Once the honeymoon period is over, it might be easy for you to feel bored. It might feel like the relationship is not going anywhere and seems dull and monotonous. This is completely normal and is a sign of your relationship going through a bad phase. It makes you aware of the growing need to bring back the spark in your relationship.

They irritate you

The habits that you once found cute and adorable, have now started to get on your nerves! You no longer drool over their quirks and are in fact, annoyed by them. If their certain qualities have begun to irritate you, then it is a sign that your relationship is going through a rough patch.

There is a lot of cribbingrelationship

Whenever you two talk, there is a disagreement and an argument over something or the other. You two fail to agree on similar things and are always fighting, arguing or cribbing. Fighting and arguing are aspects of a healthy relationship and help make it stronger.

There is a lack of communication

You two no longer actually talk to each other. Now when we say, lack of communication we don’t mean resentment, rather we are referring to the inability to talk to each other due to hectic lifestyles, busy routines or stress.

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