House plants to add a positive vibe

positive vibe

Plants are temperamental; they all react and respond differently to climate, space, size of the pot, type of pot, light, fertilizer and watering process. Don’t be terrified, a simple rule of thumb to follow is that when the soil feels dry to touch 1.5 inches into the pot then your plant is thirsty. Plastic or terracotta pots with good drainage are the best kind of posts for your plants. While ceramic pots look lovely they don’t do much for the health of your plant. Because they have a restricted amount of breathing space in them. Here are some house greens to add a positive vibe to your home.

Snake Plant

Needs 1 cup of water every 2 weeks. It acts as an air purifier and absorbs carbon dioxide at night. It is toxic for pets.


ZZ Plant

Needs 1 cup of water a month. This plant could survive the drought and can go up to 4 months without water. It is a superior air purifier. This too is toxic for pets.


Needs 1 cup of water every week or when the soil is dry. It grows well in water too. Toxic for pets but removes toxins from the air.

Boston Fern

Needs 1 cup of water twice a week. Add enough water so that it flows out the drainage holes on the bottom of the container. Boston ferns require a high degree of humidity to thrive. Place the pot in a bowl full of rocks so that it rests on top of the rocks. Pour water into the bowl to increase humidity. You can also mist the fern daily, to keep the humidity high.

Peace Lilly

Needs 1 cup of water every week or when the plant starts to droop because drooping leaves is your plant telling you it needs water. It brings calm and oxygen into space and will aid with sleep. Spritz the leaves with soft or distilled water.


Rubber Plant

Needs ½ cup of water once a week. This plant helps clean the indoor air from pollutants. This plant is hard to kill. You’ll also need to wipe down the leaves of this plant often as it is prone to collecting dust.

Aloe Vera

Aloes prefer dry soil conditions, so 1 cup of water every month should do. For best results, let the soil at the base of the plant become dry and crumbly before watering. It is a rich succulent and is handy for skincare and minor kitchen burns.

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