Catching flights, not feelings!: Celebs and their Airport looks 


Airport looks are the talk of B-Town so have a look at a few celebrities and their awesome blossom airport looks to get inspired by.

Denim dye: Aliaa Bhatt

alia bhat

Speaking of some sparkling and shining airport looks, well then the top of the list we have Alia Bhatt the ace actress looking all effortlessly glammed up in her airport looks. Be it while coming back from a shoot or while coming back from a vacation with her rumored beau (If you know what we mean *wink*). While we speak of taking some tips from her airport looks then you can always style yourself in sexy denim jackets or shirts. She looks all breezy and classy walking down the street with her perfect-looking denim attires.

Classic hues: Anushka Sharma

anushka sharma

Classic hues! Anushka Sharma the mummy in town is probably one of the most Important celebs to take inspiration from in terms of airport looks. We have always seen the actress looking like a hottie coming back from places with her husband, the ace Captain Virat Kohli. The duo is like the go-to people t take inspiration for casual and classy airport appearances. She is always seen rocking some basic tees with some quirky cargo pants, or some basic oversized shirts along with some biker shorts. So, yea Anushka Sharma is your go-to person for a classic and a basic airport look book.

Dress up!!: Shraddha Kapoor

This cute little birdy is all about looking classy yet cute in her flowy dresses and her summer hues. I’m sure that You have always spotted Shraddha Kapoor walking out of the airport in her breezy dress collection and looking all glamorous and refreshing walking in her floral dress attires. So, if you’re looking for some perfect place to put your dresses to use then you can follow Shraddha to wear them while you’re traveling and catching flights.

Cool chic: Deepika Padukone

How can we not mention the queen of hearts, Deepika Padukone while listing the top airport appearances? She is all about looking cool and dapper in her airport looks, and the inspiration you need to take from is to experiment with your looks and make sure to keep throwing sass with your loosely fitted cool sass looks along with those perfect and sexy sunglasses.

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