Tips to turn your Intimate weddings into a grand one 


Are you a little tensed about not having a grand wedding due to the current pandemic situation? Well, not to worry as even if you plan out for an intimate wedding we have a few ways to make your intimate wedding look all grand and royal!

Light up the affair!


During such trying times there are certain restrictions that one needs to follow especially in the case of wedding ceremonies. But who says that you can’t make your intimate wedding look grand? We know that you can’t really have the full-blown big fat wedding due to the ongoing pandemic, but you can always make your intimate wedding ceremony look grand with the best decorations.

The first tip in order to do the same is to make proper use of the lights you have. You can always make extra use of lights in terms of decor ideas, filling the canopy with lights to the brim, or maybe setting the aisle with lights and just making a full-fledged use of lights.

The ceremony backdrop!


Well, speaking of Indian weddings one of the most important aspects is the mandap decor, right? So, if you’re not able to book a grand venue for some reason but you still wish your wedding to be an iconic and a grand one, well then you should consider going unique and extra with your ceremony background, which means your mandap setting.

Just picture your ideal mandap setting and get that decor done with the utmost level of oomf. Because this way you’ll get all the royal feel you want even at an intimate wedding.

A Royal entrance

Well, now c’mon it is not too often that you get to plan out the perfect luxurious wedding for yourself and your partner. But once you do, you better make sure that even if you’re not having a grand wedding you can always turn it into a grand one by planning a dapper entry that probably each and every guest of yours will remember and cherish for the rest of your lives.

Make way for royal Invites

Well, now this probably is the last,  but definitely not the least, because if you’re thinking of spending large on your wedding, but you don’t have the time to then you can always put your money to use by making the invites to you intimate wedding like royal ones. Do not cut short on the level of going “extra” in terms of going all huge extravagant in inviting your loved ones to a royal affair in a riyal manner.

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