Cushion Design Ideas To Add Extra Oomph To Your Wedding Décor

Cushion-Design-Ideas- Wedding Affair

Wedding decoration ideas involve a lot of things including flowers, bohemian plants, hangings and gleaming lights. One element that can add an extra dose of elegance to your seating area is soft fluffy cushions. The cushion counts as one of the most important and versatile components of wedding décor. This decorative item is small but can make a huge difference at your nuptials. Cushions can be used dynamically for varied functions like frolic mehendi, vibrant haldi or glamorous sangeet. So why not incorporate these beautiful decorative elements into your wedding ceremonies? Here are a few cushion design ideas that you can incorporate into your wedding, you can choose according to your theme-based nuptials.  

Add A Pop Of Colour 

pop-of-colours-cushions-Wedding AffairIndian weddings are filled with fun, entertainment and colours. Why not add colours to your wedding décor? The brighter the colour, the better. Add a dash of colour to your seating area with these colourful cushions. Hues like magenta, red, yellow and orange are best picks because of their vibrant shades. You can also opt for colourful cushions with designs rather than plain colours.

Bohemian Theme Cushions 

bohemian-theme-cushions- Wedding Affair Bohemian theme weddings are so in trend in 2023. Shades like brown, off-white, grey and ivory constitute a bohemian colour palette. Add cushions of similar shades with pampas grass, carved wood furniture, macramé wall decorations and bohemian rugs and you have the most aesthetic seating area for your nuptials.

Monochromatic Cushions For The Elegant Vibes 

Monochromatic Cushions- Wedding AffairNot only monochromatic fits, but modern couples are digging monochromatic wedding décor. This wedding theme looks classy and chic. Opt for a colour and you can add cushions of the same colour in different shades if you have chosen blue you can include light blue, dark blue, turquoise blue, basically colours from the same family. Enhance the decorations with tassels, wall hangings, chandeliers and wall decorative elements.

Who Can Say No To Customised Cushion?

customised-cushion-Wedding Affair Customised cushions add a touch of the essence of the couple to the wedding ceremonies. A little bit of personalisation can elevate your wedding décor aesthetics to the next level. You can go for initials of the bride and the groom or you can opt for names as well. The names carved can be customised to any language of your choice.

Shine With Mirror Cushions 

mirror-cushion- Wedding Affair Mirrorwork is one of the most attractive designs for wedding functions. They captivate the attention of the guests at very first glance and add glam and glitz to your nuptial ceremonies. This mirrorwork design looks beautiful on pastel colour fabrics like pink, light blue or ivory. They can also be incorporated with multicolour designs which will give you traditional Rajasthani vibes for sure

Infused With Nature For The Tropical Theme 

tropical-cushions- Wedding Affair Tropical theme is in trend after many fashion influencer and Bollywood divas conducted tropical theme haldi or mehendi function for their nuptials. Perfect for summer weddings these tropical theme cushion designs will add colour to your frolicsome rituals but they will not overpower the wedding décor. They come in an array of designs like palm trees, leaves, flamingos and sunflowers. This cushion design is appropriate for couples who are avid nature lovers.  

The Unique Seashell Cushion 

seashell-cushions- Wedding Affair Seashell cushion designs add unparalleled elegance to your wedding décor. They are so creative and unique. Seashell cushion designs can be found in various patterns such as circular, horizontal, vertical or rangoli. It is advised to add different elements of cushion designs at your seating area like tassels, patchwork or simplistic mirrorwork patterns to not go overboard with the wedding décor theme.