Decoration tips to make your at home wedding gorgeous


In the midst of this if you had planned your wedding, whether a destination one or within the country, it would be a good idea to scale it down. In a situation like this many people are opting for a small wedding function at home itself to limit the number of people collecting in a small area. From flowers to DIY projects that your family can take up together, we’ve got some adorable ideas for your wedding decoration.

Gear Up With Genda Phool

As desis we love our trusty genda phools and why shouldn’t we- they look gorgeous. You can decorate the house with flowers and the beauty will automatically get enhanced and not to mention, the smell of the flowers is divine! Add some green foliage to it and you’ll end up with something beautiful. You can even put it in different styles and not just in straight lines. Fill a vase with genda and there you have a stunning table centrepiece!


Swing Magic

If you have a jhoola at home, decorating it with flowers and paper decorations is a great idea. It works well for the mehendi and haldi function and for the wedding it can replace the sofa and stage for the couple to sit at. Imagine the adorable pictures you’ll get under this stunning decor piece.

The Shades Of A Canopy

Remember when we’d make tents with bedsheets and chairs and hide under there as kids? Well, why not bring some of that bachpan ka fun to the wedding. This tent with a canopy of leaves can be set up in the garden or the terrace and will act as the perfect photo-op corner. Don’t forget to add the fairy lights though!


Trunks And Vases

We all have cute trunks and vases in the house which are just lying around, get those out and paint them to your liking and in accordance with the colour theme. This is an activity you and your family can take up together cause it’ll be a good bonding sesh before the shaadi too. If you have other decoration items like bird cages, they too can be used around the house. This is also a budget-friendly and environment-friendly way to go.

Lights, Lights, Lights

Another decoration piece that you can count on to look gorgeous in all situations are lanterns. White and colourful ones together can be kept around the house or hung up on trees, put tea lights in them and your job is done. You can decorate the rest of the place with fairy lights, after all, shaadi ka ghar hai!

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