Fashion and “Friends”: Rachel, Monica, and Pheobe on the list!


There is always a list of celebrities that all you girls must be attracted to, right? So, how about getting inspired by the female cast of the greatest sitcom of all time? Yea, we know that youve already guessed it…of course, it is  Friends” so hold your excitement for a while and have a look at the three female characters and their fashion statements that you might relate to.

Gal pal Rachel Green


Well, now since were discussing the female cast of friends and their fashion inspiration then Jennifer Aniston aka Rachel Green is probably the queen of everyones heart not just back then, but even to date. Her character was undoubtedly that of a spoilt rich brat at first, but eventually, she learned the value of money, and instead of buying the latest fashion trends from her fathers pocket she bought it from her own hard-earned money. Rachels character is nothing less than a trendy diva, she is always after the latest fashion trends and making sure that she looks all dolled up everywhere she goes. Every move of hers displayed her sense and classic knowledge of fashion.

Clean freak Monica Geller


Now, what can one say about Monica because her character itself explains a whole lot of stuff about her, right? But apart from her control freak and OCD psychopath side, she was also a great fashionista in the show. While we speak of getting inspired by the friend’s female cast, well then Monica qualifies for being a hotshot and an all-rounder in terms of carrying herself. Her character is mostly spotted wearing cool chic casuals that might not always be fashionable, but she had the charm to pull anything off. And apart from that, her party ensembles were all so jaw-dropping that one cannot take eyes off her.

Freaky Pheobe Buffay


Lastly, our quirky goofball, Phoebe was all about being extra and loud with not her thoughts, but her appearances too. If youre the kind of person who loves experimenting with clothes well then Pheobes character should be your go-to inspiration stage. Throughout the show, the actress was seen looking all goofy and colorful in terms of her fashion appearances, from her yellow hummus dress to event her wedding gown everything seemed unusual and quirky just like her personality.

P.S.- Now, it’s time for you to decide for yourself who is more likely to match your fashion sense, Rachel? Monica? Or Pheobe?

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