FDCI’s Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week bids adieu

India Fashion Week
Day 5 At India Fashion Week

The last day at FDCI’s Lotus Make-up India Fashion Week was a starry affair, with designers putting their fashion best forward. Many stalwarts presented their collection and wowed one and all.

India Fashion Week
Jyotika Jhalani’s Collection

Jyotika Jhalani

Woven from pure cashmere, each creation from the designer brings to life a celebration of what human hands can achieve. The designer thinks in technicolour and enjoys living life boldly. Her aesthetic signature combines just the right touch of forward-thinking vivacity with strokes of old world, elegant whimsy, inspired by her gracious Himalayan hometown, Kashmir. Her collecrion, Talisman presented a distinct style statement for the bold. Every cloud needs a silver lining – a talisman, a personal totem, to give us comfort. Juxtapositions of unique embroideries upon intricate lacing offer unending versatility to dress up or dress down a look. 

India Fashion Week
Pawan Sachdeva’s Collection

Pawan Sachdeva

The designer specializes in strong cuts and design sensibilities. With a high workmanship and a strong team everything that’s taken up is done in the timelines. The designer’s love for the patterns, motifs, techniques was visible in his collection in the fashion week. This year’s collection BLITZEN had a very futuristic approach designed for the trend hunger urbanities. In a palette of Inky Blues and Blacks, technical tints of grey and shiny metallics, fabrics were inventive and modern. Reflective tapes and PU fabrics were the eye catching elements of the collection. The collection was inspired by the contemporary industrial design and tech revolution.

India Fashion Week
Vikram Bajaj’s Collection

Vikram Bajaj

Vikram Bajaj, through his brainchild ‘Sport-Couture’ strives to deliver the best of both worlds. His collection had avant-garde silhouettes and ultra-modern graphics. The line emphasises to lay equal weightage on design and utilitarian value of each piece. The colour palette ranges from shades of kapok green and soft khaki to illusion blue with hints of lemon drop, fuchsia and urban orange. With keen attention to detail, the label is engineered towards a perfectly flattering appearance with handsomely tailored cuts. The entire range showcases a remarkably unique ensemble of chic occasion/street wear in immaculate designs including unisex choices.

India Fashion Week
Rina Dhaka’s Collection

Rina Dhaka

Her India Fashion Week collection paid homage to grit. It reflected on the fortitude, looking at adversity in the eye and yet marching on to a place which is home. A metaphor for security, warmth and comfort. A nest, allegorical of how we all have done the same. Her collection titled Book of Courage mirrors the austerity and simplicity with which those, who are living on the fringes of society faced the worst crisis of the decade.


India Fashion Week
Shivan N Narresh’s Collection

Shivan & Narresh

The Shivan & Narresh #Ana10mySeries aims to illustrate the beauty of the human, plant and animal anatomy into five distinct holiday lifestyles, namely Swimwear, Resort Wear, Cruise Wear, Safari and Ski Wear. Fulfilling the brand’s promise to be a holistic luxury holiday lifestyle destination, the #Ana10mySeries is a first as it encapsulates five lifestyles within one collection as a mark of completing 10 years. Inspired by the mystical cog wheels of the human anatomy and the techniques from the works of the renowned artist Gustav Klimt, who through the use of techniques like stippling, dashes and dots delineated the female body.

India fashion Week
Rohit Gandhi+Rahul Khanna’s Collection

Rohit Gandhi + Rahul Khanna (RGRK)

The duo’s collection Parallax came alive for the new modern bride and groom who have dreamt of their perfect celebrations. When the world paused, the designers aspired to bring a new promise to this new normal. RGRK reintroduced the colour of love, ‘Red‘ in this current collection which brings back and reflects emotions of hope and celebrations in the future. Aspiring to believe that we always have a reason to celebrate.

Menswear became more individualistic and explored the new beliefs of the modern man. Metallic intricate embroideries on sharp tailored jackets in royal velvets and textured silks form the new tuxedo. Womenswear is structured yet feminine and sensual.  Draped with silk organza and meshes incorporating and illustrating elements of every garment forming melodical synchronicity with a fragrance of opulence.

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