Few ways to get rid of an acne-prone skin


Acne is a very common problem among our youth and everyone has their different solutions for it. If you’re someone who is constantly worried about acne, don’t worry we got your back. You don’t need to do anything serious to your skin, just follow these methods to clear your skin. 


Acne is basically dead skin cells that are clogged with oil. There are many reasons for which you can have acne and there are different stages of acne. Apple cider vinegar contains citric acid which is known for clearing your skin from acne. Vinegar alone has the ability to fight different types of viruses and bacteria. However you should only apply apple cider vinegar if it compliments your skin, otherwise, it can cause irritation. 


Aloe vera is something that is found in many lotions, creams, and other products that clear your skin. Aloe vera leaves contain a gel that is extremely beneficial for your skin and can help in getting rid of acne. It is a natural solution for acne and many other skin-related problems. It is something that will not harm your skin, unlike some artificial products. Along with washing off acne aloe vera will give you clear and glowing skin. 



When you think about green tea you know it’s good for your health. Drinking green tea daily can give you many benefits. Many people are not aware of the fact that green tea is very beneficial for your skin as well. Green tea contains substances that can fight bacteria which is a cause of acne. There are not many studies on whether it is solely responsible for getting rid of acne or not but it is a method that does not have any side effects so don’t be scared to try it. 


Both honey and cinnamon on their own have the ability to protect your skin but together they can fight the bacterias and reduce inflammation which can reduce acne. You can make honey and cinnamon masks on your own at your place and try them out very easily. It is another method with zero side effects that damage the skin. It will provide clear and glowing skin. 

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