Some immunity boosting tips to protect you this monsoon


The ongoing pandemic has made people from all age groups realise how crucial it is to build a strong immune system to stand strong and healthy against COVID-19 and other perennial infections. In order to safeguard you and your family from these infections, you can certainly opt for alternate medicine widely known as Ayurveda or herbal based immunity-boosting ingredients which have proved their age-old capability in fighting various flus, bacterial and viral infections. Also, these need to be specially taken during monsoons as this period is a breeding ground for infections leaving us vulnerable to such infections.


Dont’t Forget Nutrition

In order to build your immunity particularly during monsoons, you should switch to eating foods that are rich in Vitamin C, D, Omega3, proteins, and antioxidants as it helps in building a safety valve against these infections.

Herbs Power

Similarly, herbs like Giloy have been found to have an important place in Ayurvedic science as a herb that can provide the body resistance to fight many infections and diseases. The focus should be on eating right and proportionately to build a strong immune system that acts as a protective barrier against unwanted bacteria, fungus, diseases and infections. This includes all but particularly the older age group and the children where their immune system is comparatively weak.

Nature’s Path

Greens To The Rescue

Apart from the above one can opt for plant-based foods like spinach and giloy leaves juice and root-based plants like ginger and giloy roots. Also include daily workout or yoga in your routine and keep yourself hydrated as keeping yourself hydrated not only replenishes the body but also at the same time washes away toxins from the body. It also fights indigestion problems which are common during monsoons.

Keep A Check on Stress

Remember to check on your stress levels which is a common problem during this hour as stress and anxiety can cause an imbalance in your immune cell function. Having a healthy lifestyle is as important as wearing good clothes because your body is a reflection of what you eat and with the current digitalisation of India everything is now available at your fingertips.  So, choose wisely today for better health and immunity tomorrow.

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