Gen Z hair and makeup trends you need to try

hair and makeup trends

With 2020, a whole decade came to a close, we are glad certain beauty and hair trends also found their much-needed closure, like the squiggly eye-brows trend, the overboard tan or the overdrawn lips, oh lord if we shall only be forgiven for these horrendous sins. The year 2021, fortunately, seems to be off to a great start and analyzing the prevailing trends, our prophecy states that these bombshell hair and makeup trends will be big this year and you would eventually want to get your hands on these to keep up with the pacing trends floating around. 

Gloss Obsession

This shiny sparkly trend couldn’t possibly slip away from our eyes. Yes, gloss is our and everybody’s recent obsession but one must not mistake it as a recently evolved trend. The glossy lip look was quite the bent in the early 2000s and we could see teen celebrities and stars with a quirky fashion sense rocking it all over the red carpets and parties. The sticky chemistry has made a swanky comeback last year and this time it’s here to stay.

The 90s Hairstyles

This year is going to be all about the RETROspection. Yes, a lot of classic vintage trends from the 90s are having a glamourous revival. The Rachel haircut and the messy shags and bangs are quite a holler these days and you can even find a lot of celebrities rocking these hairstyles nowadays. 

Crystals Makeup

Heavily influenced by the series Euphoria, this makeup trend might be a little flashy and too Coachella-ish to carry but as edgy women that we are, it is a major makeup trend crush of ours right now. Throw in a bunch of crystals everywhere, in your baby hair, littered around your eyes or even in your manis, you are sure to shine bright like a diamond with these. 

Hair Accessories

hair and makeup trendsYour 90s hairstyles would be simply incomplete without these cute pretty little details. Go for faux pearl hairclips and big chiffon scrunchies for your high ponytails for a retro yet cute Tumblr look. 

Bold Blush

Yeah, okay the era might have gone a little overboard with contouring while sidelining the blush but the mighty rosy sensation is back in the game again. Flushed rosy pink cheeks will brighten your day as well as your thousand admirers’ day!


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