Golden Tips For Happy Quarantine With Your Partner


The most unwelcoming, wretched and deplorable phase of this new decade is right now glued with all of us – “the Covid-19 outbreak”, sandwiching our lives between boredom and pessimism. Now, we all remember a famous saying of Roy Bennett – “One word of encouragement can be enough to spark someone’s motivation to continue with a difficult challenge.” And, our hearts are yearning for that encouragement to survive with positivity, hope and attachment.

Finding yourselves quarantined at home is quite depressing, but then this is the time to ennoble your relationship with your partner. Sharing the space with understanding and love is an eye-opening experience for both. Apart from watching TV, cooking, working from home, taking a break from work and doing a little talking, there is so much to spice up the healthy bond with potentiality, which must be explored by the couples meanwhile. Here, your husband will also get to know that being a homemaker is such a knackering task, ladies!

Being restrained at home, however, can be deleterious and counterproductive to relationships. Surprisingly, a local Chinese daily also reported that in China, there was a spike in divorce cases following the Covid-19 outbreak. The prolonged time married couples are struck at home during sequestration is considered to be a chipping in factor. But, on the other hand being quarantined is not necessarily a bad thing for them. Some couples who might not get to spend more time with each other, might actually welcome this opportunity to spend more time with each other. However, couples who are going through difficulties in their relationship might be overwrought, just thinking of being confined together. It could stir up a lot of negative emotions and might lead to arguments. Henceforth, here we have a list of golden tips for a happy quarantine with your partner-

  1.     Plan your time as a couple to intensify bonding.

  2.     Find activities to destress together like walk around your neighbourhood, but stay away from others, have movie nights at home, read, draw, paint, etc.

  3.     Express yourselves with an open heart to each other. This will definitely set your heart to heart connection even stronger without miscommunications.

  4.     Learn something new together online – like a new language.

  5.     Launch into healthy activities like Yoga or Zumba at home.

  6.     Respect each other’s individual space. Have some “time-out” each day where you each get to do your own thing.

  7.     Plan and divide household chores. Do not let only one spouse carry the freight of the household chores.

  8.     Keep your space clean and conducive for living.

  9.     Try your best to look at the positive aspects of your spouse. Do not blame or pick on each other.

  10.   Do not minimise the significance of your partner’s feelings. Also, avoid engaging in sensitive issues that could lead to heated arguments by staying away from verbal attacks.

Try these simple tips to make your bond a forever special one with transparency and loads of affection. Cheers to the happy couple goals!



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