Hairstyles for the bride with short/medium length hair

Bridal Hairstyles For Short Hair

Every bride wants to look nothing less than a goddess on her special day, and her hairdo plays a crucial role to create that flawless bridal look which looks regal and elegant. After your exhaustive search for the perfect attires and jewellery is checked from the list, the next stop is make-up and hair. Your hairdo can either build your look or break it, so explore all the options and choose carefully. Something that matches the glamour of your ensemble and the spunk of your personality is definitely the best pick.

To accomplish this daunting task, to-be-brides scout all over Instagram and Pinterest for droolworthy hairdos. Every girl wants to look flawless in each aspect and for this she goes out of her way to make sure that whatever she selects is nothing but the best. Fret not as Wedding Affair brings to you bridal hairstyles that will surely get you swooning. 

For The Short-Haired Gal

One might think that short hair limits hairstyle options, but that’s not the case at all. No matter your haircut, more creative wedding hairstyles for short hair exist now than ever before. Bridal hairstyles for short hair include romantic updos and glamorous curls. Whether you currently sport short locks or are considering getting a haircut before your wedding day, find the best hairstyle for your mane. 

If you have always hoped to get a bouffant for your hair, then go ahead and don’t shy away from experimenting. A bouffant is the perfect way for you to add some volume and drama to your hair easily. 

Step By Step Guide:

  1. After you have washed and dried your hair properly, start with detangling them with a wide toothed comb. Start from the tips and then aim for the roots. This will prevent hair breakage.
  2. Now, take a small section of your hair, roll it up to your crown and pin it down using some sectioning clips.
  3. Part your hair as you normally would and start curling your hair using a curling iron.
  4. Once done, open the hair you had clipped and backcomb it. This will make your hair look voluminous. 
  5. Gather some hair from either sides of your head and alongside the hair, you just backcombed, hold them in place and pin it at the back of your head.

For The Medium-Haired Bride

Life would have been easier if you could just wake up with beautiful tresses every day. Well, turns out that this feat is possible and after all, you won’t have to spend a bomb to ace a bridal hairstyle. And, if you have a medium length of mane, you can opt any style from a sea of possibilities. Blow-dried quick curls will look really chic and is easy to create as well. This hairstyle doesn’t take attention away from the attire also. The best part it looks great on any kind of outfit. Read this step by step guide and get going.

Step By Step Guide:

  1. Once you are done with washing your mane, wet them with a good voluminising spray. Then proceed to take a curling brush and pick a handful of hair and wrap it around the comb.
  2. Once done, use a blow dryer. Place it near your hair strands and blow-dry until you get big, voluminous and bouncy curls.
  3. Then part your hair on one side
  4. On this parting you can place any hair accessory of your choice.
  5. For the rest of your hair, spritz some light hold spray to ensure that they stay in place throughout the night. 

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