Handbag Essentials to be Prepared for Any Situation


A girl’s purse is like a mini wardrobe, it has everything from hair ties to Band-Aids; every single item that you can possibly need during an emergency is available in the handbag. So much so that sometimes it becomes impossible to find things in it during the actual emergency.

So, we are here to take the burden of planning and organizing your handbag by giving you the ultimate checklist for the essential items you should keep in your bag.

    1. Tech Accessories

Phones have become a necessity without which no one can survive. From booking cabs to ordering food to checking your work emails, phones are there for everything. So it is quite obvious that their batteries will drain by the end of the day. Carry your tech accessories like your portable chargers, your headphones, your normal charger, etc. so that you are not left stranded in the middle with a dead cellphone.

Always keep your headphones and charger in your purse
    1. Hair Accessories

Sometimes, women make elaborate hairstyles or even leave their hair open to look their best, but by the time you sit down to eat or are on your way back home, all you want to do is tie your tresses in a bun or a ponytail, but most of the time you forget to carry the hair tie or clip with you. So, it is best to keep those permanently in your purse and make a small pouch to contain all the hair ties and bobby pins along with a small comb. This pouch will become a life saver for you and your friends as well.

Spare hair ties are a must!
    1. First Aid Kit

A small first aid kid with your regular headache medicines, antacids, cough drops, hangover medicine, some Band-Aids, and an ointment is essential to have in your handbag. You should also have some tampons and sanitary napkins in this kit in case of emergencies. This kit will save you from many mishappenings and you’ll thank yourself in the future.

It’s always good to have some general medicines
    1. Lip Balm & Lip Stick

Keeping a Lip Balm will save you from getting chapped lips. You will especially use it in dry seasons to prevent your lips from getting chapped. Furthermore, keeping your signature lipstick shade will also be quite resourceful as it’ll help you elevate your look in seconds.

Chapsticks are your BFF in winters
    1. Hand Cream and Moisturizer

Nobody likes having dry skin, especially dry hands. Having a moisturizer and a hand cream in your purse will keep your skin hydrated and smelling nice. You’ll feel good after applying these. These become more important if you live in a dry place or are traveling as the dry and cold air makes your skin lose its hydration.

Avoid dry hands!
    1. Keep smelling fresh all-day

Working hard and traveling can make a person smell the sweat. This can cause bad body odor. Avoid smelling bad by keeping a pocket perfume or deodorant in your purse or bag, will keep you smelling fresh all day long.

Smell good all day
    1. Sanitizer

After the pandemic, it has become a norm to carry a sanitizer with you all the time. It will help you prevent life-threatening diseases and will help you in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

Keep your hands clean

A woman’s purse is her sanctity, it helps her prevent unnecessary accidents and mishaps. Having key essential items in your handbag can save you from lots of trouble and you will be prepared for any curveball life throws at you.

WA Pro Tip: Buy all the above-mentioned items from the travel section to reduce the weight of your handbag.