High-Tech Décor For Your Home


The best homes are made of comfort, love and care. Combine that with some of the most elegant and classy décor pieces, you have yourself a home sweet home.

1. Bang & Olufsen Beosound Shape

Bang & Olufsen

This beautiful product is for aesthetic techno-geeks. It is a wall-mounted speaker system for design-conscious music lovers. Immersive sound, customisable design and integrated noise dampers.



FRAMED is a state-of-the-art digital canvas that elevates a physical space with the ease of hanging a painting. From the moment you see a FRAMED display; you will feel the attention to detail that went into its design. Perfect for creators and fans of visual culture alike, place it on your wall, select an artwork, and watch as your space transforms into a living gallery of creative expressions.

3. LG Rollable OLED TV


This is the most concise and thoughtful design for a TV. The pure metal paired with unprecedented technology puts a final touch to the flawless beauty. Minimally sophisticated at every angle, the metal brings a modernistic ambience to space. With six different modes – Music, Clock, Frame, Mood, Lighting, Home dashboard – take a quick glance for time and weather while displaying your most memorable photos on the screen. Stream your favourite playlist and adjust your mood light to redesign your space, just the way you like it.

4. KOHLER Veil Lighted Bathroom


Veil lighted bathroom collection features integrated lighting adjustable for the task, guide and ambience that works off of circadian rhythms to more naturally enhance your wellbeing. User controls temperature and brightness. Each product within the collection has strategically-placed lighting to assist with guiding, task, ambience or a combination. Products include intelligent toilet, freestanding bath, lighted mirror and three-piece vanity that work together as a system.

5. Capstone Connected Home Smart Mirror

Business Wire

This convenient mirror allows users to access Google Voice Assistant, check traffic and weather, stream entertainment, listen to music, access social media feeds, run downloadable applications and more – simply expanding today’s connected lifestyles.

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