How to Make your Lover Happy?


When your lover is going through a hard time or is simply mad at you, it is okay to feel helpless. No one has a superpower that can magically make everything alright but you can surely try these steps to cheer them up. Here are some ways in which you can make your lover happy again:

Give them space


The problem most people make when someone close to them is upset is that they dont give them space to clear their minds or emotions. Sometimes all a person needs is just a little space to gather their emotions and they will appreciate you for giving them space. We are not talking about ignoring that person, just give them some time.

Be a good listener

Many times people just want to vent out their frustrations or talk about whats bothering them, especially from their favourite person.


Tell your partner that youre the listener they want in such a scenario and just listen to their problems. It will not make the problems disappear but it will surely make them feel better.

Give them a tight hug


This may be the most important step for cheering up your partner and the most simple, sometimes your partner just needs to be held by you and a tight hug can instantly make things better. Make your partner feel loved in such a situation which will definitely cheer them up.

If you ever feel your partner is a bit aloof, follow these ways to bring them close again.