Ideas to Revamp Your Wedding Feast


If you think that your wedding feast should be the one each of your guests must remember for a long time to come, then we have got some ideas for you. Everyone arranges the regular buffet feast at their wedding ceremonies and many of us have lost interest in the heavy and spicy wedding food. Also, quite a lot of times, guests are looking for a quick bite before leaving the ceremony. Other times they are very conscious about what they are wearing and therefore, do not want to take the risk of eating those curries and gravies that can spoil their outfits. For all these situations, we have listed some ideas for you to revamp your wedding feast into a contemporary lunch/dinner party that is sure to please everyone.

  1. Popcorn and Chips


These are the snacks that everyone can have on the go. If any of your guests is just looking for a quick snack and doesn’t want to indulge into anything made of maida or butter, they’ll be very happy to savour on some baked chips or maybe popcorn. This is also a fun snack for little kids who’ll be attending your wedding.

  1. Westernised Wedding Food

Yummily Yours

There was a time when some of us would only go to weddings to enjoy some delicious desi chaat with teekhi chutney and curd. But these days the golgappas and chaats seem so mundane. You can revamp these chaats into sophisticated dishes if you serve them with a new combination of subtle-flavoured chutneys or into a cocktail glass.

  1. Salads & Fruits

The Balance Small Business

The world is filled with health-freaks now and our normal wedding meals include only bland salads and fruits that can only act as a side dish. You can make your wedding feast even more fun for the health conscious by introducing concept stalls of salads with a variety of dressings and fruits that might be grilled or charred.

  1. Candies, Cupcakes, Macarons


Imagine a pastel pink-and-blue food counter that offers a range of candies (cotton candies are fun), little bite-sized cupcakes, and macarons apart from regular wedding mithaai, as a part of your wedding meals. It would be one of the most exciting counters of the feast to look forward to. Again, kids are going to love it!

  1. Popsicles

Top Cat Catering

Many of the guests are all ready to leave as they enter a wedding party. They just attend weddings to meet the new bride and groom and offer them their blessings and gifts. You can keep a little Popsicle counter, where such guests can grab some bite-sized meals quickly. For example, you can keep waffle on a popsicle, sushi on a popsicle, ‘cakesicles’, and some lovely tikas on a popsicle apart from your regular iced-popsicles.

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