In the Arms of Maldives


Amidst vivid blue waters of the Indian Ocean, Maldives is home to exquisite beaches, and coral atolls. Indulge in amazing underwater experiences and unrivaled luxury in what may be the planet’s best locale to unwind.

Why Maldives?


The abundant marine flora and fauna,and the clear waters make Maldives one of the most luxurious holiday destinations in the world. Every resort in the Maldives has its own private island, with over 100 destinations to choose from. When planning a trip to the serene islands of Maldives, the only thing you will have to worry about, is choosing from this wide range of unique options.

In a sincere effort to make your job easy, we have brought together the best hotel options from Maldives, that you must explore during your stay.


Hulhule Island Hotel

Hulhule Island Hotel, located in the immediate vicinity of the Male International Airport, is a modern hotel in terms of architecture. Offering exotic amenities, the hotel is perfect for guests on leisure, as well as on business trips. The highlight of the Hulhule Island Hotel is that it is well equipped with an endearing beach area, a relaxing swimming pool.

Indulgences: The elaborate food and beverage menu only adds to its luxe class. And while that sets the mood for serious romance, this hotel goes on to offer other leisure activities too. The property has arrangements for you to spend a happy evening playing beach volleyball, tennis, badminton and golf on the putting greens. It’s well equipped with a gymnasium which serves as a welcome relief for fitness freaks.

Anantara Dhigu, AnantaraVeli and Naladhu

Anantara Dhigu

It’s located on Dhigufinolhu Island, a 35 minute speed boat ride from the airport will help you reach here. It’s quite a harmony of the ideal romantic and family holiday,giving you the best of both worlds. On offer are a range of engaging activities customized for whims and fancies. There is a natural lagoon and surrounding it, are a host of water sports; from surfing, deep sea fishing and sailing or explore the reefs during scuba expeditions, and unwind in a luxury spa with some of their best signature treatments, massages and holistic therapies to soothe your body.

Indulgences: You can also enjoy a romantic dinner in theunderground fine dining restaurant. The resort has an excellent choice of classical chic and ethnicgourmet restaurants.

Anantara Veli

Anantara Veli Resort
A few minutes away from Dhigu and is perfectly suited for couples looking for a romantic travel. You ask why?Because it needs a license to enter, yes! The resort entertains only adults. So relax with your loved one in the over water bungalows as a gigantic range of fishes swim beneath you. The bungalows at Veli are complete with a plunge pool and a stairway that descends into a glistening lagoon.


Meaning ‘beautiful island’ is also just a few minutes from Dhigu. This one’s a small, luxury boutique hotel; discreet,elegant and extremely private. Naladhu’s main aim is to provide luxurious intimacy, so it offers villas only. Each villa has a living room, a private pool, sun deck, indoor and outdoor dining plus a butler’s kitchen and pantry. Guests can enjoy a multi-cuisine menu (Thai, Indian, Maldivian and Western) dishes on the private terrace under the stars.

Indulgences: A personal chef and waiter are provided for this exclusive dining experience. One could also venture out to the cozy beach side restaurant for a thrilling experience.

Meeru Island Resort & Spa


Making love in a luxurious honeymoon suite located over the water with a private lagoon pool, a breakfast pastry basket and a complimentary bottle of champagne is what you have always fantasized, haven’t you? The best part about the resort is the clear blue colours of the lagoon that one can enjoy on hammocks tied on palm trees and walking on white sand beaches with a wine glass in one hand and your partner’s hand in the other. This is The Place for newly-weds and couple on the road to rekindling their romance.

Indulgences: There is something engrossing for everyone here, be it leisure, sports, recreation, bars, dining, wellness or water-sports! Take a cruise, dive or just chill! You could choose from a variety of options-a honeymoon suite, water-villas, Jacuzzi fitted-beach villas, garden rooms and so on. The resort has four restaurants offering different cuisines. You can relish the local cuisines with their live kitchen and watch while your sumptuous meal is being cooked.

Medhufushi Island Resort


Located at quite a distance from the Male International Airport, the Medhufushi Island resort is all about getting back the much needed privacy and excitement in your life. In fact, you could get the child back in you as you see dolphins kiss while you’re on board. Pamper yourself in the hotel’s spa and learn deep sea diving at the dive centre under the guidance of international trainers. There are many activities that can give you an adrenaline rush- you could go kite surfing or even ride a wake board on the surface of the water while a speed boat pulls you.

Indulgences: This resort has more than 100 villas, so you can laze around! Treat your taste buds at Alfresco restaurants offering international gourmet delights. The resort has an in house library, a billiards room and even interesting board games that are a change from the usual indoor activities. What more? They have engrossing Marine biology evenings, where you could learn how to spot a Maldivian fish!

JA Manafaru


It’s located 320 kms from Male airport but yes, it’s worth all the travelling! Catch a fresh waft of sea-breeze amidst spectacular bungalows. Revive and rejuvenate your soul with a wellness pavilion and refreshing spa treatments. Imagine an open air bathroom, your private beach cabana and a plunge pool! Aren’t you already wishing to book your flight tickets? Juicy tropical fruits,spine chilling water sport activities and entertaining home theatre systems to watch old films together. Catch the sun going down the horizon resting on the cushion swings.

Indulgences: Savour the delicacies at seven restaurants, all offering exotic cuisines with freshly grown ingredients. Enjoy poolside snacks and wine tastings with snack bars and don’t forget to get beach blessings, love pavilion blessings or Maldivian blessings since you have already taken your holy vows.

Now that you what’s stands waiting for you in tiny happily isolated islands of Maldives, all you have to do is book yourflight tickets and enjoy your journey with your loved ones!