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The brain-child of Mrs Ruchita Bansal, Izhaar is a premium luxury wedding invitation and gifting brand that is bound to add unmissable memories to your wedding and festivities. Weddings in India are a grand affair and there’s no denying that; from the roka to the wedding day, everything is extravagant, so have to be the invitations and the gifts. With Izhaar, your wedding will be nothing short of precious. 


Izhaar was launched under the brand name of Core Designs when it first started and within a short span of 5 years, it gained national and international recognition and the brand was renamed as Izhaar. From working on her cousins and nephew’s wedding celebrations and giving ideas to relatives, Ruchita Bansal’s hard work was visible when she started her own line. 

Mrs. Ruchita Bansal, Founder & Chief Innovator, Izhaar

What makes Izhaar unique is its ideology. In Mrs Ruchita’s opinion, invites, gifting means an expression of joy. It depicts the personality of a giver and should be warmly valued by the receiver so that it becomes a part of their living. It shows, how much thinking has been done to make the receiver feel special. Wedding invites have a unique manner in which we can let the other person feel their affection. They ensure, the process of gifting in wedding invites is the purest way to showcase our love to people.

Their gifting products totally depend on what the celebration is for and the theme of the event. They focus that the invite should be impactful, usable and should become a part of the lifestyle. It should depict their personality and reflect the receiver’s lifestyle.

Talking about how the trends have changed in the invitation industry, they reveal that invitations are now more than just pieces of art. Combining sweets with decorative pieces and edibles gives a unique look to the packaging. This enhances the value of the gift received. 

Down the lane, Izhaar tries to bring timeless gifting product but at the same time, they feel fashion changes every now and then just as the emotional changes in humans regularly, so they maintain the balance between traditional and western trends.

And what keeps Mrs Ruchita Bansal motivated is creativity. She believes in the generation of new ideas, making people happy. At Izhaar, they feel pleasure in being part of other’s happiness, express people’s joy.

To make the wedding special and enjoy the pleasure of gifting, we trust Izhaar Invitations. 

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