Islands Of Love

With Love, For Love.

The Islands of Love
The Islands of Love

Atmosphere Hotels has launched its latest resort in the Maldives, which is all about Love.

The center of attraction to visitors as they enter the new Oblu Select Lobigili, Maldives, is the newest resort, “Islands of Love,” which is to be a heart-shaped island. Isn’t it the perfect intersection of love and leisure? Gaining fame because of the architectural style, “Lobigili” literally meaning “islands of love” has many things of attraction. From stylishly designed beaches and water villas to the eternal lagoon lake sights. It hallmarks privacy for couples enjoying and celebrating love, with no restrictions. It is the perfect getaway for vacations too!

Oblu Select Lobigili is an exclusive island only for new adults. According to Jorge Amaro, General Manager of Oblu Select Lobigili and Oblu Xperience Ailafushi, an adjacent resort will get linked with the former by a bridge. The island offers a treasure trove of romantic getaways with the essence of being in the Maldives and its proximity to the national capital, Malé. Visitors can see newer parts of the capital from the hotel itself, leading to bumper advantages. Guests can access the resort through speed boats instead of luxurious seaplanes. A ten-minute speedboat ride gets you to the Island. This not only attracts tourists to the island but also mint the tourism in the country. The Maldivian resort hosts multi-spectrum sunsets, white sandy beaches, clear water, and water sports. It also offers a hybrid over-water gym only for adults. Hosting a diverse set of features and catering to several services, like restaurants and a food truck, the resort hosts a tangible luxury experience to make the “small moments count” then be it a musical soirée or soulful music. In the delightful presence of the Island chief and the host, Islands of Love is not an ordinary experience. It is a lot more than that.

Oblu Select Lobigili Island. Source: Wedding Affair
                                                  Oblu Select Lobigili Island. Source: Wedding Affair

Lobigili Island is interconnected to the soon-to-open Ailafushi Island by a 270-metre jetty permitting travellers to choose their pick – Islands of Love or the Family Islands? Across the jetty is the four-star resort, Ailafushi with value-driven services and a rainbow of experiences that allow families, friends, and millennial travellers to experience Connection and the magic of Love. Complimenting each other, residents at both the places can choose to stroll over to neighbouring sites and mingle in a different world of soulful sights, captivating culture, and enchanting nights altogether. Amidst all this, a caution to ensure is it does not work the other way. Implying that Afghan guests may not go to Lobgili. The atmosphere is growing, and it may not be on top of the mind to recall, but Atmosphere Hotels and ‘Resorts’ is one of the fastest-growing hotel groups in the Maldives. Today ‘Atmosphere Kanifushi’ operates seven resorts in the Maldives, and ‘Oblu Xperience Ailafushi’ will follow soon. What supports this successful journey is the family-like atmosphere and deep market penetration built through consistent engagement with a personal touch.

                                                                      Lobigili Island. Source: Wedding Affair

Atmosphere Hotels have built a distinct identity in the market and a brand portfolio comprising The Ozone Collection. Primarily, women work in this collection, which is an uncommon sight in the Maldives. Contrary to this, women comprise around 85 percent of the workforce. They are naturally equipped with soft skills, which are an asset in today’s male-dominated sectors of society. A planned strategy is conducted to provide opportunities for women in sectors of growth and to add a feminine touch to the service. Islands have in store for every traveller catering to the kind of experience they prefer.

                                                 Atmospheric Serenity. Source: Wedding Affair
                                                            Atmospheric Serenity. Source: Wedding Affair

“Atmosphere” offers a set of distinct resorts, highlighting the beautiful habitats where they treasure the local culture and heritage. The Ozone Collection is one of the finest portfolios to interest the sophisticated travel elite. These resorts guarantee a luxurious lifestyle complemented by a soulful stay. Last year, with guests as witnesses, vibrant destinations coming to life, engaging activities, and a lively atmosphere, the third brand colours of Oblu were launched. Amidst this, the wave of COVID is something that cannot be blindfolded. It also had its impact on delaying the opening. Back then, Russia was one of the top feeder markets for Atmosphere until 2019. India has become the largest source market for the Maldives, followed by UK and Russia. With the resorts being popular, India drives a massive market to these islands. The company may eventually expand its territory beyond the Maldives to ensure the rich cultural diversity and natural Indian beauty.

                                                                           Joys of Life. Source: Wedding Affair

There is a passion and eagerness to bring Salil’s unique vision- “Joy of Giving” back to India could be equated to the Joys of Life. Over time, with an increase in familiarity with the group’s brands in the Maldives, winning hearts in India would be easy.


If you are planning your next vacation, check out “Islands of Love” here!

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