Let Zodiacs Reveal Your Love-Life


According to a recent study, your zodiac sign governs your love life. A survey conducted in 2019, on over 2000 people in the US and Canada, over the questions of sex and intimacy made some surprising revelations.  While you hush yourself scrolling down to check out your zodiac, remember it isn’t a dictum; just a pattern of a sample.


With Passion and fiery heat their operating style, survey said they are one of the most wild that last longest during the sex.


You’re loyal and patient in love and needs a partner who appreciates this trait but the Survey showed that 29 percent fake orgasms.


Mental compatibility is the most that matters to this sign though the survey said that they exaggerate or brag about their number of sexual partners.


According to the survey, Dreamy and intuitive Cancerians have the most sex.


The creative and playful Leo turned out to be the most inclined to sext as per the patterns.


Your moody and analytical mentality ask for a regular reminder of how much your partner loves you, the survey showed that Virgos are comparatively shy, under-report their number of partners or sexual conquests.


Romantic and thoughtful Librans know well how to please their partners, the findings of the survey said, they masturbate the most.


Your emotionally intense character believes in establishing a powerful connection with your mate without any superficiality. Survey conducted by an international condom brand states that Scorpios are most likely to use restraints.


Diversity and adventure being the top priority, the survey revealed that they are most likely to use condoms.


Committed and practical in their approach, Capricorns came out as the most confident in the bed, with absolutely no inhibitions according to the survey.


Always having something new to offer in the relationship as long as they are being themselves; survey said Aquarians use lube 51 per cent of the time.


Sensitive and compassionate style of love comes from their deeply spiritual nature. The survey revealed that they are one of the wildest in bed, 30 per cent have had open relationships.

So ladies and lads, if you’re convinced with the patterns revealed, you can also check your equation with your partner using Compatibility Horoscopes specifically designed to help a couple comprehend the dynamics of their romantic relationship. They focus on an individual’s traits, needs, compatibilities and other characteristics and give you some fun and interesting results. Wink !!

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