Lip tips and hacks everyone should know


Whether you’re a red lip lover or a pout contour addict, these hacks will help prime, set, and plump your lips. Wedding Affair rounds up some of the best favorite beauty hacks for the sexiest pout.

Always Prep Your Lips

Before you even begin to consider what lipstick to wear, you need to prep and prime your pout. To create a clean canvas for smooth application, exfoliate your pout using a gentle scrub. Finally, blot your pout with a tissue to remove any excess formula before applying your chosen color.

For a Natural Yet Full Pout

Right now, everyone is opting for a more natural makeup vibe. So, instead of a heavily overlined cupid’s bow, use a lip liner in the same shade as your natural color (or one shade deeper), and trace the outer line to add definition and shape. Next, add a sexy shine with a clear gloss or reflective lip balm.

Create a Monochromatic Makeup Look

Monochromatic makeup (when you use the same color family for your eyes, pout, and cheeks) is proving to be the new “classic”  look. And for good reason – it instantly elevates your makeup game and allows you to create a polished, harmonious look. The easiest way to create a monochromatic makeup look is by using the same product on your pout, cheeks, and eyes. Start by dabbing the matte lipstick on the apples of your cheeks and blend outwards in a circular motion. Complete the monochromatic makeup look by applying the lipstick to your lips, et voila!

Save Dry Lips

The next time your lips are feeling dry or rough, instead of reaching for a chapstick or balm, get your DIY kit out. This all-natural lip-soothing treatment will instantly hydrate and soften the pout. Plus, it’s tastes delicious too. Start by taking a large cotton pad and cutting it to the shape of your cupid’s bow. In a small bowl, dice one large piece of pineapple and submerge the cotton pad into the pineapple mixture. Apply half a teaspoon of manuka honey directly onto your lips, and massage the lip in small circular motions. Next, place the soaked cotton pad on your lips for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove and enjoy the softest lips of your life.

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