Look Experiments for Men during Lockdown


While ladies are busy experimenting their fashion therapies with looks and locks in this quarantine, it has essentially become important for men to go crazy with their looks in order to distract their moods right now. The lockdown is giving men a chance to experiment with facial hair in whatever way they’ve always wanted. By not venturing outside, men have an opportunity to bypass all the comments during the awkward patchy phase and can get a sense of a new look, which is something they want to stick with long-term, before revealing it to the world. Men! Right now is the perfect time to experiment with not just your beard, but with your moustache and hair too. Grow it out, go bald, try different mustache styles and find out what you like so you can start sporting them once the lockdown gets lifted.


Growing a new beard does cause itchiness and it does need some love and care with a three-step regime – cleanse, comb and moisturize. You can even wash your beard twice a day, keep it moisturized using beard oil or beard serum and shape it as required. But don’t over wash it or keep touching or picking it. 21-30 days is a long time to leave your beard untouched and not groomed. Your hair can still grow and you can make it look stylish one way or another but an untidy beard is not attractive. Have a pre-shave oil or a trimmer handy, depending on the look you’re going for. For keeping a neat and clean face- always use a pre-shave oil, especially when shaving at home. It helps keep your face clean and rash free. Also, invest in a good brush, it helps to open your pores and hydrate your skin, keeping it healthy. For trims, a trimmer would be the best way for home grooming. It’s easiest to cut off hair from your face or beard, giving you clear lines for your face, and with a comb a possible fade.


No one is looking for or expecting a perfect result while completely staying at home. Whether you’re using a trimmer or scissors, you can put a comb through your beard or your hair and use that to measure the length of the hair you want to cut. If you find that using a comb is making the process complicated, you can use your finger, very carefully, snip off the ends. Particularly for your beard, you can use a clear shave gel to give yourself a neat cheek line and neckline. A man bun just like that of Ayushmann Khurrana or Cristiano Ronaldo is the most convenient for the times we are in. You can let your hair grow out and see how you would look with the long hair and tie it up in a man bun to get that super raw, sexy look without much effort.