Lucky Gemstones For Every Zodiac Sign 


The first thing most of you do in the morning is to check your horoscope. What is lucky for you today and what is not, which colour should you wear, which number should you keep in mind and whatnot. And just like the Sunsigns, another thing about which most of you are fanatic is which gemstone is the best suitable for your Zodiac Sign. Astrology is a very important part of our lives as it plays the role of the calendar for the universe. It tells us which time has passed and which is about to come. According to Astrology, these time periods are divided into twelve sections, which are used to represent the twelve tribes of Israel in the book of Exodus. Each section or Zodiac sign is associated with a particular gemstone. 

We all have been relying on the power of the gemstones for our good luck and well being for a long period of time. Astrology says that wearing a gemstone appropriate to their zodiac sign will help strengthen the ruling planet and the weaker planet for better luck. 

So we have a list of lucky gemstones for each Zodiac sign to boost your luck and well being. Have a look! 

Aquarius – Amethyst


All you aquariun’s out there, this highly precious stone is considered to be a good fit according to astrology. It is said to bring good luck and protection against negative energy and also enables to maintain a good mood and bring forth harmonious relationships with people. 

Pisces – Aquamarine


Ruled by Jupiter and being the last one on the wheel, this zodiac sign possesses many traits from other sun signs as well. The stone Aquamarine helps increase awareness and bring about coherence amongst people suffering from confusion and lack of clarity, common problems of this star sign. 

Aries – Diamond


Having high energy with tremendous indecisiveness and due to their ambiguity with respect to making decisions, Diamond is seen as a befitting stone. 

Taurus – Emerald 


Ruled by the planet Venus, the lucky stone for Taurus people is Emerald. The stone augments the creative mind and strengthens their connection towards their environment. It is also known to protect them and boost their self-esteem and confidence. 

Gemini – Agate 


Ruled by Mercury, their lucky stone is Agate. The stone brings good luck and good health altogether. It also brings out perfect balance and harmony to their emotions. 

Cancer – Pearl 


Cancer born natives are under the rule of the Moon and they can benefit from wearing a pearl. Often subjected to mood issues due to the effect of the emotional turmoils caused by moon, the pearl is said to soothe their anxious and moody nature. 

Leo – Ruby


Ruled by Sun, the lucky gemstone for this star sign is Ruby. Ruby helps express their generosity and warm nature and also facilitates their bubbling energy and growth in the process. 

Virgo – Sapphire 


Ruled by Venus, the lucky stone for Virgo is Sapphire. It helps the individuals to stay focused and protects them from wavering mood swings they tend to undergo. It provides relief from stress and depression. 

Libra – Peridot 


Peridot symbolises calm and patience. The stone helps people from the Libra sun sign to maintain their composure, stay focussed and provides clarity of thought. 

Scorpio – Garnet 


Garnet, the lucky stone of the Mars-ruled Scorpions is said to boost love and health and it repels negative energy and enhances confidence in them. 

Sagittarius –  Turquoise 


Ruled by Jupiter, Turquoise is considered to be lucky for the people with Sagittarius zodiac sign as it helps give their dreams the necessary push as well as tempers ambition and aggression in a positive way. 

Capricorn – Topaz 


Ruled by Saturn, the people belonging to this star sign are considered to be determined and focused. The gemstone brings intelligence, happiness and good luck to the individual wearing it. It also helps sustain fidelity in relationships. 


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