Search for a Makeup Artist- Made Easier!

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As cameras have upgraded to 4k quality- focusing on every little detail of the bride’s face- finding the perfect makeup artist who can make you look flawless in the photos on your wedding day can be a bit of a task.

When it comes to the bride, a simple web search reveals hundreds of makeup options ranging from HD to Airbrush to even Celebrity Makeup. On top of that, you’re likely to find an overwhelming list of about 40 different makeup artists- in your location alone!

You can’t really be expected to go through every makeup artist on the list, sit through the 2-hour trials, and loads of phone calls, and still find someone you can completely trust for your big day.

Although, there are preliminary things you can do that can help you filter out the makeup artists that you like before you start making a phone call to every one of them.

Know What You Want

Know What you want wedding day
Different Color Palettes to choose from!
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It is natural to be confused when you see Alia Bhatt in a minimalist- no makeup look, Deepika Padukone with pretty smoky eyes, or Anushka Sharma- a delight in pink. It can be difficult for anyone to decide amongst the sea of choices which look they want to nail down for their wedding day.

Now, every makeup artist has a particular style for which they are famous, so before you go around searching for one, you need to be sure in your mind about the kind of look you’re dreaming of- for your wedding day.

You can try out shades from your eye shadow palette, or take help from your sisters or friends, to help you narrow down on a palette. If you’ve already selected your lehenga, this step becomes simpler for you and all you have to do is take the help of Pinterest to narrow down some looks that you like.  

Social Media Profile

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Check out social media profile of MUA
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In this era of the Internet, all Makeup Artists have their profiles at least on one of the big 4- Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube. Out of those, Instagram being the dominant platform at the moment, there is a good chance you’ll find your makeup artist’s profile here.

Their profile is key to finding almost everything you need to know about them- from their experience to their portfolio, to even glimpses of their team. What is even better is you can see their work through videos within seconds of opening the profile- which can assist you in deciding if you want to go ahead with them.

Client testimonials

happy customers
happy customers
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It has happened to all of us, at least once, that we wanted to try something because someone we know and trust was using the same product or service. That is the reason why client testimonials exist in the first place- to show you the makeup artist’s credibility through the eyes of their clients.

But don’t limit yourself to just their main profile. You can look for photos or videos in which they were tagged to get a deeper and clearer understanding of their work. When makeup artist posts photos of their clients, they ensure there is proper warm lighting and while there is nothing wrong with that, you need to check how the makeup looks in natural lighting to get an exact idea of their technique.

Google Reviews

Google Reviews
Google Reviews
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After you’ve devoured the makeup artist’s social media, and you’re satisfied enough to keep them in your “give it a shot” list, check their Google Reviews.

On Instagram, makeup artists can choose to upload the best reviews, top quality pictures, with someone to give last-minute touches to those images through Photoshop. At the end of the day, it is their business and they want to put their best foot forward.

In such a case, it is always better to check a few recent Google reviews, to get a sense of what people genuinely think of the artist.

The First Enquiry

Call for Enquiry
Call for Enquiry
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Now that you’re equipped with the correct information, you’re ready to give the makeup artist a call. You need to be sure of your requirements- dates, location, and what kind of work you like and schedule a trial, so you can get things up and running.

You need to start this process at least 6 months prior if you want to book a decent makeup artist. Their dates fill 2 seasons before, in most cases, so you better hurry to get one who can give you the look of your dreams.