7 Ways To Spice Things Up In Your Relationship!


Sexual copulation takes you on a trip to your fantasy world in those breathtaking and wonderful minutes before a sexual climax. How about you and your partner trying something sensual and bold to give your sex life a roller coaster ride? Make your beloved crave for your touch, your fragrance and warmth. Drive him or her crazy on the bed and come up with exciting foreplays, eye contact, naughty touches and flirty acts. Sex is a vital part of a relationship. If a dismal sex life is what you are experiencing? It’s time for your relationship to seek sexual nirvana. Wondering what it exactly means? It is that level of sexual satisfaction during sexual intercourse when you are unable to react or express yourself. The amount of satisfaction is so high that you want the time to stop and live the moment for a longer time. If you have forgotten that level of excitement, love and passion in your sex life, its time for you and your partner to make it a sexy one.

We suggest you ways to incorporate into your sex life, that can help you attain the nirvana you expect to feel with your partner.

1. Go Swimming Together

Distance manages to create obstacles between the two of you. Sports like swimming will succour the two of you to attain closeness. Wear a lacy soft swimsuit or you can even replace it with a bikini to heat up the atmosphere with your man. This will help you build a strong sense of craving in your guy to feel and touch you. Commencing with craving and wanting your man to touch you is the best way to reach your desired goal in an initial step.

2. Wear Sexy Clothing And Be Sensitive!

Men like seduction, passion, energy, cravings and being teased by their girl. Fulfil your guy’s expectation in fact, give it a little more to what he expected and surprise him by wearing his favourite colour lingerie and capture the moment. Push up bras and lacy satin lingerie play the best part in seducing your man. This sexy soft and desirable look will raise the room temperature and lose his senses.

3. Indulge In Role Play

Let your fantasies and wild dreams play their best part and generate heat between the two of you. Let your imagination take over and turn into something which excites the chemistry amidst you two.  Play and execute your wildest fantasy with your partner and make love under the sheets.

4. Smell Good

Smell is the strongest sense of our memory. An ambrosial and alluring fragrance is a big turn on for any guy. Using floral or fruity perfumes, deodorants and body mists will drive your guy crazy. Also, try and moisturize your body with a scented body butter or body lotion which will leave a longer and a lasting effect on your perfumes. Also speaking off smell, do not worry about your vaginal odour, it would obviously not smell like a flower bouquet but its natural smell is itself a huge turning point of sexual intercourse. Just be hygienic and clean.

5. Experiment! Experiment!

Try and attain something different and untried with your partner. Try experimenting with your position. Trust and listen to your inner feelings and intuitions. Craving for love and emotion? Try missionary and gift wrapped. Feeling wild and passionate? Try doggie style. Want to follow your animalistic instinct (non-violent) try BDSM. We also recommend you and your partner to try 69 and crisscross. Explore your relation with varied aspects of lovemaking through these positions.

6. Talk Dirty

Come out of comfort zones and be open to your partner. Try being totally opposite to what you are in your real life. Kinky talks, flirty messages and naughty signals, make these a part of sexual intimacy. Challenge your man and make him realize that he cant catch you or pick you or seduce you. Men love being challenged by their women and emerging victorious by proving them wrong.

7. Go With The Flow

Never fake an orgasm as this will show a negative impact on your partner. Go with the flow and let your guy explore his fantasies with you and on you. Surrender yourself and enjoy the erotic moment with your guy. In rare cases, if you still don’t enjoy the moment, take initiative, be dominant and take charge of him.

Wedding Affair has spoken about these aromatic and magical measures to help your relationship and charge your sex life. Go work on them and surprise your man by the above-mentioned ways.

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