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Relations can turn boring after a period of time. If the initial butterflies in the stomach have died and there is no more spark between you and yours, welcome to the real world. That’s exactly how a relationship feels after a period of time when you are out of topics for a conversation and every discussion ends up with an argument. Instead of playing the blame game on who is letting the joy in your love die, take in charge and spice up your relationship with these simple, silly, cute and romantic tips

Plan more time for her

Most of the time, it’s the lack of time and attention that makes your girl sad. Are you so obsessed with work that you don’t find enough time to talk or play with her like you used to before? Then all you need is a work-life balance. Take out a diary and make a plan. Set the timetable so you don’t miss out on going out with your pals, attend those dreaded work calls and also, most importantly, spend your day with your girl.

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Prioritise her

Attend those calls when she reaches out to you or be the one to call even if there ain’t a thing to talk about. Update her with the happenings in your life and ask how she is doing as well. Remember her birthday and every other special day that means something to both of you. In case you are a forgetful person, jot it down on colourful sticky notes and mark it on your calendar, journal or walls so that those dates won’t erase from your memory.

Say it with flowers 

You love her and that’s enough reason to show up at her doorsteps with some flowers in your hand. Made a mistake? Apologise with flowers. She is unhappy about something you still can’t put your finger on? Send some flowers with a lovely note. Whatever the problem is, solve it with some flowers and don’t wait for her to ask.

Play board games with her

Maybe you should stop following a routine. Enough with the same boring texts and fixed-time calls. Do something fun and fab that she will enjoy too like board games and puzzles where you will have something new to talk about and understand each other’s interest, game spirit and likes and dislikes on a more personal level.

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It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it!

Sometimes mere words are just not enough. Bring that element of surprise and give life to those dead butterflies in the stomach and snowfall in the abdomen with cute handwritten love notes that your girlfriend will treasure forever. If she is an old school type she will definitely love postcards and vintage handwritten notes.

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