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Covid-19 has ensured that we all are locked behind the doors of our abode. This work from home, lockdown scenario has been extremely difficult for everyone. It’s really important for one and all to maintain a healthy balance between personal life and work. People are challenging themselves every passing hour of the day to be more productive and enthusiastic about their work. But somehow their personal life is being put on the back-burner. Optimism and effort are the pillars of maintaining balance. But needless feelings of anxiety, worry, nervousness, uneasiness, irritation and fear is something that is interfering with their day-to-day life work life balance.

With this ongoing pandemic it is unsurprising that many couples are dealing with unnecessary quarrels and arguments. There are many ways that can help you in curbing unwanted feelings of irritation towards your partner and keeping a check on your work life balance. Wedding Affair brings to you some really effective and handy tips to control negative feelings and bring the much-needed work life balance to your life. Don’t worry maintaining a healthy balance has never been this easy. Read on to find more.

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Sort Out Your Emotions

It’s very important to stay happy. Try to meditate for at least 15-20 minutes everyday. this will not only give you a clear insight into your mind, but will also help clear your mind. It is very important to curb unnecessary worries. You can try a variety of activities from reading a book, meditating, watching films to talking to your partner, picking up a hobby or just enjoying some time in nature. Just relax and give yourself some time. These times are tough and bound to get on your nerves. But that doesn’t mean you will bother yourself with everything. Children and pets are also known to be great stress-busters.

Listen to calming music and go about your day. What you eat also matters a lot during this time. Include more of fruits, grains and pulses and stay away from oily stuff and junk food. Find time to cook together, that’s also a great way to spend time together. Reminding yourself that this pandemic will not last forever is another key step to reducing your anxiety. It is very important to understand that in this situation we will learn more about ourselves, as well as others, due to the circumstances. It’s essential to have a clear mind to access the situation in a better way.

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Together We Win!!

Try doing things together. This is an amazing time to binge-watch on movies and web series with your beloved. You can easily watch all that is in each of your bucket-list. Starting from old Hollywood classics to cult series, there is ample time to watch it all. Plus, OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar etc. make it all the easily to access everything that we want to. So, what’s more fun than this? Grab your favourite snacks, put on that sheet mask and watch your favourite movie. But don’t forget to sleep timely. Nothing’s more important that a good 8 hour beauty sleep.

You can also take up some form of exercising together. Keep those endorphins flowing and dance on a hippie tune. Down forget to grab some sunshine and exercise together. Lock down doesn’t mean that you will take your fitness routine lightly or even worse send it flying across the window. Try yoga and some light exercises within the comfortable environs of your home with your loved one. You will not only feel happier but your skin will glow like anything. So, no matter what you do, don’t take your fitness for granted. Those extra kilos will be hard to shed later on.

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