Long Distance Relationship: 5 Ways To Survive

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In the time of temporary relationships, it is quite difficult to maintain one. It requires a lot of time and effort on both the individuals part to keep the relationship alive. And Long Distance Relationships (LDRs) become even more difficult to survive with all those extra miles to keep you apart. You can’t be with your partner and video calls become the only time you can see them. 

In such a scenario, the relationship might lose its charm and may not even survive. But worry not, we are here with ways that will help you keep the love and spark in your LDR alive. 

1. Communication is the Key

The basis of any good relationship is based on healthy communication. And when two partners move to different cities/countries, there are chances that this communication might be hampered. With all this distance in between them, extra efforts need to be taken to maintain the same level of communication. Both the partners should feel that they are a part of each other’s lives even when far. 

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2. Same things, Different Cities

No technology will ever be able to make up or replace those beautiful moments that you spent together. But what we suggest is, that the things you used to do with each other, do them at the same time while being in different cities like watch the season finale of your favourite show together, or listen to that song which holds a special memory. This will surely rekindle your love and make you feel closer to each other.

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3. Schedule It Out

Change of cities will lead to new schedules for both of you. It might even become difficult to be available at the same time as your partner. Therefore, it is very important that both the partners make a schedule with dedicated time for each other. This will make your relationship grow stronger and make it easy to survive LDR. 

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4. Cute, little surprises

What kind of a person doesn’t like surprises? Make your boyfriend/girlfriend feel special by planning small, sweet surprises for them. Order their favourite food or send a gift-wrapped card or you can even get them their favourite book or music CD. This is definitely going to make your significant other to feel extra-special and that you remember him/her in small moments. 


5. Trust and Space 

The entry of new people in both the partner’s life is bound to create trust issues. The only way to tackle this is to not to hide things from your partner and tell them about the happenings in your life. At the same time, don’t become clingy as it will only push your partner away from you. Give them space and trust and feel your LDR thriving.  

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And as the saying goes, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder”.