New Product Launch- ‘Superbrand’ Box by HEAT

New Product Launch
Image via- British vogue

New Product Launch- ‘Superbrand’ Box by HEAT: Having successfully launched its recent Contemporary Box, the luxury London-based brand Heat has gained success in no time. The brand was discovered by Mario Maher and Joe Wilkinson in 2019. HEAT received huge attention from opulent brands such as Balenciaga and Givenchy. It has now come up with a ‘Superbrand’ box with the brand-new edition.

The ‘Superbrand’ box has everything from classic handbags to off-the-rack lush cashmere and exemplary attires. HEAT looks for a long-lasting and eco-friendly future. The box has readymade outfits, footwear, and accessories for men. For women, the box has iconic footwear and handbags to offer.

mystery box
The mystery box

Image via- HIGHXTAR.

Bottega Veneta arrived with their stunning pieces, the pink shearling Jodie and the gold chain Pouch. Additionally, they offer a first look at the Le 5 à 7 monogram mini leather hobo bag from YSL. Moreover, the brand also presented a selection of shoes from Balenciaga. All these brands are available both in menswear and womenswear. 

The exquisite footwear

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