The Floral Mane-iac

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Flowers, right from the field, filling the room with their fresh aroma, sitting gently on those beautiful luscious locks of the bride looking absolutely mesmerising. Isn’t the thought itself dreamy for the brides-to-be? Floral hairdos are the trendiest style statement this season. With the wedding season just round the corner, it’s time for the winter brides to follow the ultimate style guide from roka to her reception for the most quintessential hairdo that will not only make her look a notch higher but bring out her inner beauty to the core. 

 Braids With Flowers

Nothing can beat a floral arrangement of fresh flowers for the D-day and our South Indian brides have been acing this hairdo since forever. With the trend of floral hairdos spreading like wildfire, it is time for brides from other parts of the country to take inspiration and add those garden-fresh flowers to their hairstyle. Winters make it quite easy to carry floral hairdos. If you are opting for a braid, ask your hairstylist to suggest ways to give this classic hairdo a fresh twist. Be it your engagement party, wedding day or mehendi, this hairdo will make you look like a diva. Experiment with braids as well; a classic three-plait braid, a messy fishtail braid and dutch braid, etc. Sonam Kapoor Ahuja rocked this look on her mehendi with effortlessly wrapping fresh white flowers around her braid in a criss-cross manner. Instagram has been full of such ideas for quite some time now to take cues. Floral arrangement in a braid works best to escalate your feminine side. Add a touch of romance with flowers in this timeless  and elegant hairdo.

 Floral Bouquet Buns

Some brides like it a little extra, just like a floral bouquet with fresh flowers on their wedding day. Decking up a bun with a bouquet of floral arrangements looks absolutely gorgeous. The trend was set back in motion by our very own B-town diva, Anushka Sharma when she donned a full floral bun of fresh Tuscan hydrangeas on her wedding day. Our grandmothers and mothers are the ones who used to adorn this hairstyle back in their time with utmost elegance. After a while, this style faded away as new, modern trends replaced it. But the traditional hairdo is back with full force. From a sophisticated floral bun of red roses which is an expression of love to lilies, orchids, baby’s breath flowers and carnations for a modern twist, this trend is here to stay for a long time. Time-consuming rituals of an Indian wedding can wear away the bride’s make-up and hair as the function proceeds. But what makes this hairstyle perfect for the brides is the winter season itself. With winters setting in, the flowers are bound to stay fresh and crisp even after 12 to 14 hours of festivities. Whether you want to take the modern route or the traditional route, this quintessential hairdo won’t disappoint you.

Floral Tiaras

A traditional bride is incomplete without some flowers in her hair. Floral tiara is extremely à la mode this season. It is excessively stylish, sophisticated and chic. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication said Leonardo da Vinci and we couldn’t agree more. Simple yet elegant, this hairdo is perfect for the contemporary bride who does not want to go over the top but still look her finest. A floral tiara will add the oomph factor to the bride’s beautiful outfit. Ideal for pre-wedding functions, pairing the tiara with real floral jewellery is the trendiest any bride can be. You can even customise your floral tiaras to match your jewellery. The best way to carry a floral tiara is to leave the hair in a messy, loose hairdo and wearing a tiara on the top. Whether it is a string of flowers woven delicately into the bride’s hair or a plethora of multicoloured flowers made into a gorgeous tiara, it is definitely going to make the bride feel like a princess. And we are sure that not a single eye will sway away from the bride and everyone’s attention is going to be fixated on her.

Outlined Floral Buns

Majority of the wedding day hairstyles revolve around a bun. Whether a traditional hassle-free sleek bun or an experimental messy braided bun, this particular hairstyle is perennial. Apart from a full floral bouquet, another way to incorporate flowers in a bun is by outlining it with them. This supremely charming hairdo takes simplicity to another level. Whether create a frame of multicoloured flowers or go monochrome with a single, solid colour, this hairdo will complement your wedding ensemble just perfectly. A more popular version of the hairstyle that we have been seeing since childhood was when our mother and grandmother wore white gajras on important occasions. The trend has been passed on since generations with hairstylists giving it a modern twist but keeping the essence intact. This hairstyle is especially fun to play and experiment with. The elegance of this hairdo is unparalleled. It lends a fashionable yet very poised look to the bride.

Open Hair With Flowers

Open hairstyles look great with Indian outfits, especially when adorned with a wedding ensemble. The very structured ‘effortless’ hairstyle looks drop dead gorgeous on brides. Just like the stars in the constellation adorn the night sky, enrich your beautiful hair with the intricate, dainty blossoms. Let those tresses fall gracefully on your shoulders while you decorate them with flowers.

It is one of the trendiest hairstyles doing the rounds this wedding season and looks extremely chic and sophisticated. Undoubtedly, this hairdo is going to enhance the beauty of the entire outfit by ten folds. From the basic white baby breath’s flowers to playing with coloured florets like pink, blue and purple, this hairdo is sure to create a style statement. It is perfect for engagement, sangeet or mehendi functions as it is a light hairstyle that gives the bride a joyous and youthful look. The hairdo will make for a divine look for the bride on her special day.

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