Window Décor For The Wedding Season

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Often the most ignored when it comes to home décor are the windows. Be it house parties, Diwali or the most important wedding day, people deck up their places in the most stunning ways but forget to adorn their house windows. Especially for weddings, when guests keep flowing in for attending the wedding rituals, it is important to keep the windows as decorous as possible. Wedding Affair recommends some of the best ways to deck up your windows for that upcoming wedding in your family.

1. Classic Flower Decor


This is the most basic and beautiful way to amp up your windows. An Indian household usually decks up its home with flowers for any important occasion. Marigold and roses are the major choices when it comes to floral home decor.

2. Rustic Vibes

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Rustic vibes are imbibed in the whole decor by using browns and whites efficiently in the windows and doors. Bouquets and dried up flowers make up for a perfect decor for a rustic look.

3. Curtains And Lights


Curtains made out of natural fabrics accentuated by fairy lights from behind are another classic that never fails to charm and beautify. Preferably whites and pastels go well with dainty lights in the background. Little jute fabrics perfectly accentuate the overall vibe of the curtain decor.

4. Lanterns

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Lanterns form the best choice for any kind of home decor, be it a Pooja or any wedding. Thus, lanterns are a pretty and safe option if you want to keep your windows voguish for any occasion.

5. Star Lights

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Star-shaped lights are cute and dainty enough to keep your decor game on point. Use these lights for huge windows that open up to scenic beauty.