10 Meaningful Tattoos For Couples

Couple Tattoo Design Ideas - Wedding Affair

Everyone has their way to express love. The most unique and personal form to express your love is through a tattoo. Like matching outfits and pet names, couples are now having similar tattoos to cement their love for each other. Although tattoos have been around for centuries, couples can now find the ideal way to express their love and commitment by combining traditional tattoo designs with contemporary ones. Here are 10 meaningful couple tatoo design ideas that you and your partner can have to embrace your love.

Traditional Matching Tattoo

Traditional Couple Tattoo DesignOne of the most popular couple tatoo design is a conventional matching tattoo. This kind of design can be anything from a series of hearts and arrows to coordinated phases of the moon. This traditional tattoo design is the safest tattoo design you can have. It is one of the best designs for couples who want to show their timeless love for each other.

Sun And The Moon Tattoo

Sun And Moon Tattoo DesignThe Yin and Yang couple can have this simple and chic tattoo idea inked on their fingers or wrist. If the boy’s nature is courageous and passionate, he can have the sun on the other hand if the girl’s nature is more soothing and romantic she can have the moon. The design is simple, easy to make, and looks interesting.

Anchor Of Love 

Anchor Of Love Couple Tattoo DesignThe lively couple whose aura is playful and vibrant can get an anchor of love inked on their fingers. Anchor signifies hope towards the future. This minimalistic couple tatoo design is loved by millennial couples. The design is different for males and females. Please make sure to notice the details before you get it printed.

L-O-V-E Tattoo

Love Tattoo DesignNo, you both don’t have to get ‘love’ inked on your fingers separately. Instead, the powerful word ‘Love’ is broken into two sets. One partner can get ‘L O’ while the other can get ‘V E’ on their fingers representing that they both complete each other. This couple tatoo design is sophisticated and in trend right now.

Food Lovers Tattoo

Foodie Couple TattooThe foodie couple can get their favourite food marked on their body part like a slice of pizza or a bowl of noodles. You can also get your first-date-meal inked. The tattoo design should be similar. This food couple tatoo looks very cute and unique.

My Other Half Tattoo

My Other Half Tattoo Design For CouplesThis tattoo represents half of a whole. You can get tiny avocados inked to your collarbone, shoulder or wrist. They can be either black and white or filled with colours, the choice is yours. This tattoo is a great design for couples who want to show off their playful side.

Classic Tattoo

Classic Couple Tattoo DesignThis minimal couple tatoo design looks subtle and elegant. For couples who can’t express their gushing love to the whole world but want to express their feelings to each other can get this outlined hearts tattoo design. This tattoo looks best on the ring finger.

King And Queen Tattoo

King And Queen TattooThose who rule the hearts of their partners can get this tattoo design inked on their wrists or arms. This is a traditional design but transforms itself with a touch of modern glam. This couple tatoo design is intricate and looks maximalist just like your personality.

The Universe Is Ours Tattoo

Universe Couple TattooThis super-cool astronaut connects to the moon is an exclusive tattoo design for couples. One partner can get the astronaut inked to one hand while the other can get a moon. This tattoo design looks amazing while holding hands. It shows that your love not only prevails on the earth but in the whole universe.

Drinks Are On Me Tattoo

Drinks On Me Couple TattooFor couples who love to party can get matching sets of drinks inked to their wrists. You can get colour-filled beer glasses or an outlined martini. If you want to experiment a little bit more, one partner can get the bottle and the other can get the glass, demonstrating they are made for each other.