10 Things Every Bride Should Know Before Her Wedding Day

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Wedding days are special, exhilarating but also a little bit hectic. The tiny things that you didn’t think mattered, have the potential to stress you out on the big day. It is hard and near impossible to keep everything from outfit to makeup and event preparations in check.

Although, you can have a smart approach and prepare a checklist of the things you need to take care of and certain things, no matter how tempting, you need to avoid.

We’ve created a list, based on our experiences, of a few things that can make your life a bit easier on your wedding day.

  1. Skin Treatment

    Avoid Skin Treatments Just before your wedding day
    Avoid Skin Treatments Just before your wedding day

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We’ve all come across friends and advertisements who endorse various skin treatments and how they changed their skin before their wedding day. As alluring as it might be, don’t experiment with something you haven’t done before, even a month prior to your wedding day.

The same goes for haircare. Despite the popular opinion, don’t try out protein treatments before your big day. It makes the process of hairstyling difficult for the hairstylist as they require texture for a particular hairdo to hold.

If you want to, go for skin and hair treatments, hair color, hair smoothening at least 2 months prior to your wedding day.

  1. Bridal dress shopping- at least 6 months before wedding

    Bridal Wear Shopping
    Bridal Wear Shopping

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No matter how much we love delaying things to the last minute- postponing the wedding shopping is not a good idea. Your bridal wear selection, alone can take up to 2 weeks, depending on where you’re looking for it. After that, almost every bridal wear you see, is a sample and needs at least 3 months for stitching due to the intricacies in embroidery amongst other reasons.

So, if you want that dream lehenga for your wedding, start looking for it at least 6 months prior.

  1. Book Makeup Artist- at least 4 months prior

    Book Makeup Artist
    Book Makeup Artist

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Your entire look comes together with makeup. Since, there are a number of options available, and even more number of makeup artists, you need to speed up your process to find the best one, before her dates get booked. Nowadays, makeup artists have started opening their booking 6 months prior to the dates, so you should be looking for someone around the same time.

  1. Follow Skincare routine

     Follow Skincare Routine
    Follow Skincare Routine

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Wedding or no, skincare is priority. When makeup gets applied, depending on good your skin is, it either looks flawless or a bit cakey. You need to ensure your pores are unclogged, skin is hydrated and healthy, so that the makeup has a seamless finish. \

Almost every bride who is looking for a no makeup look, needs to put skincare first and foremost.

  1. Take care of your Physical and mental health

    Take care of your Physical and mental health
    Take care of your Physical and mental health

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Needless to say, weddings can be exhausting and stressful with the amount of work you have. But they’re supposed to be a happy occasion for you and your partner- so, don’t lose sight of that. If you’re already used to working out, it’s great. Otherwise, invest time in your physical health through Yoga, running or Gym.

At the same time, try meditating and deep breathing exercises to flush out the anxiety, making way for happy and positive vibes.

  1. Stay Hydrated

    Stay Hydrated Wedding Day
    Stay Hydrated

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Drink plenty of water to keep your system clean and healthy. Also, add in plenty of beetroot, apple and bottle-gourd juice for better blood circulation, smooth working of your digestive tract and natural glow.

You can add in spinach juice as it works wonders with bloating and water retention. To top that, soaking coriander seeds overnight in water and drinking that later, can boost immunity and should always be in your diet.

  1. Don’t pierce nose or ears just before wedding

     Don’t pierce nose or ears just before wedding
    Don’t pierce nose or ears just before wedding

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While having a nose piercing makes it convenient for you to carry all types of bridal nose rings on your wedding day, without the fear of the jewelry slipping out- don’t go for one just before your wedding. It can lead to several problems, if not taken caution. The piercing takes at least a month to heal, and pressuring it with a bold and heavy bridal nose ring, might not work out for the best.

  1. Dress Trial a week before wedding

    Dress Trial Before Wedding Day
    Dress Trial Before Wedding

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After your bridal lehenga has come in from the store, don’t forget to try it out a week before your wedding. There is a possibility that the lehenga has become loose or tight and doesn’t fit aptly. If you check a week before, you still have plenty of time to make the changes. 

  1. Book Flower buns and Gajra a few days prior

    Bridal Flower Buns Wedding Day
    Bridal Flower Buns

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There is a slight possibility that the flowers you need for your hair might not be available or worse, may not be fresh on the same day. It is always better to book in advance and get it delivered fresh to your doorstep without the hassle of running from one flower shop to another on your big day.

  1. Prepare a small kit

    Bridal Kit Wedding Day
    Bridal Kit

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Keep a small kit handy for all the essential items. It can be your makeup retouch, a bit of cash, not to forget spare earring clips, couple of bobby pins and a chamomile fragrance handkerchief to help you stay calm and composed. These essentials can be different depending on the bride.

Developing checklists like these might sound mundane and unnecessary, but when you’ve things under control and in order, the excitement of the wedding just multiplies.