4 Full-Proof Tips To Fight Pre-Wedding Jitters

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Planning a wedding can be a stressful task, everyone experiences pre-wedding jitters. One wants everything to be perfect, in order to match their expectations people end up being anxious. It’s not only about the planning and execution but a hundred other things that cause anxiety and confusion. If you see yourself skipping meals, over analysing the wedding and are in doubts about things after marriage you need to address these issues. While anxiety prior to the marriage is completely normal it is not healthy. There are a number of ways that can help you calm yourself as the wedding festivities proceed.

1. Communicating With Your Partner

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If you’re undergoing any kind of pressure whether it’s with regard to planning, guests or if you’re doubting yourself through the process it is essential that all your fears are being discussed. Take an insight from your significant other on the matter and share what aspect stresses you out. As a bride, it is common to doubt the change of environment and routine.

2. Meditate

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Exercise will not only help you stay physically healthy but it will also help in relieving your mind off stress. Try including one hour of any cardio, dance or Zumba session and meditation as well For that particular hour of the day work only on yourself.

3. Me Time

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While you prepare yourself for the big day, you need to remain calm and stable or else finishing all the tasks on your to-do list can be very exhausting. Make sure you find time to read a book you like or spend your night in your pyjamas watching your favourite series. Uniting with the one you love doesn’t require a loss of personal space, take a break and you’ll walk through the storm with a smile.

4. Hanging Out With Friends

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Friends are the best stress relievers, they will positively help you find your way through the insecurities, fears and doubts. With friends, you can find yourself, while the chaos your facing drives you away from being your best self a night out or lunch with your pals will help laugh through it.

Stressing over the question “why am I stressing so much?” is irrelevant and unnecessary. We’re all humans and being anxious before any new beginning is fine and acceptable. The people who love and support you will always have your back. Don’t let the fear keep you from enjoying the best time of your life which is a one time experience… mostly!

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