5 Decor Ideas To Bring The Spark In Your Bedroom


The only idea that gets one going through the day on a Friday is the plan for the nearing night that you have been planning for the whole week. There’s nothing more soothing and relaxing than getting to see your beloved at the end of a hectic day and week and spending some romantic quality time with them, which might ultimately lead to some other welcomed adventures! But things can go down the drain if the ambience of your bedroom doesn’t exactly set the mood. And that’s the last thing one would want. 

So in order to save you from the risk of crashing your chance of getting cosy with your partner, Wedding Affair brings to you five ideas to bring the spark in your bedroom and set the temperature a level higher.

1. Moody Lighting

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Perfect lighting can turn even the drabbest of bedroom space into a moody wonderland. Good lighting can make you look more appealing and sexy than a simple sharp white light. Try to keep it dim and play with colours as it would give it a subtle sexy yet comforting touch to the room.

2. Plush Headboard


Sure an industrial headboard carries that aesthetic Tumblr vibe to it, but a cushy plush headboard adds a factor of oomph to your room. Experiment with the texture of your headboard like from velvet to matte finish leather, you’ll surely find something suiting your style.

3. Fluffed Up Layers


Who doesn’t love a soft bouncy bed? Clearly everybody. And when it comes to romancing one’s lover, a cosy cuddly bed is just the right fit for the night. Add more layers of soft fluffy fabric and linen and you can always throw in an unhealthy number of pillows, it would never be too much.

4. Sheer Curtains And Draws


Waking up next to your darling on a breezy Sunday morning with just the right amount of sunlight seeping into your room is something straight from a dream sequence. And you know what makes it even more dreamy? Sheer light curtains that make your room look simply ethereal and fresh.

5. Stimulating Art


Hanging a few romantic abstract paintings around your master bedroom would not only give it an artistic edge but also make you both want to dim the lights and pull each other closer.

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