5 Ingredients Of A Quirky Wedding Invite


Wedding invites are the first thing a couple finalises, post their wedding date is confirmed. The couple engrosses themselves into searching for a pro with an impressive portfolio to put the message across. While the old-school wedding invites consists of a card with a separate box of sweets; couples nowadays are opting for out-of-the-box ideas and better designers to convey the message on social media too. How would you like to tell the world of your marriage; shout out loud with bold colours or keep it sweet and simple or be just upfront blunt is upon you. We won’t meddle with your decision of choosing a designer, but we wish to share some quirky elements that you may like for your D-day invite.


Facebook timelines offer a sneak-peak into the lives of people. Going by the same idea, some couples chose to tell a tale through a series of illustrations to share their eventful love-story with the world.  Form caricature to pictures, the designers are creating interesting designs


Depending on the community you belong to, some invites are customised as per the rituals you may perform with the related graphics and lexicon.


Printing the wedding events on playing cards, coasters, stationery items, puzzles, handkerchiefs, and other items is also much in vogue. The idea behind such fun invites is that they could be useful as everyday-life items of the guests.

An Element Of Surprise

Flip-open clip cards, dates printed on cute-box of goodies, offbeat wedding invitations

Straight On Face

Humour based invites are also a rage among soul-mates who want to uniquely define their union.

There is no dearth of creative ideas available to the designers; you think of it and they will execute. It is easily the toughest part to search and choose the one out of millions. Rest assured, it will be the best; just like your darling.

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