A Guide To Make Your Wedding Invites Interesting


Wedding invitations are one of the most important things of your good-wed-journey through which you celebrate the joy of being with your family as a whole. You welcome everyone together to be a part of your wedding moments. Significantly, your wedding invite marks the special dates of your life with blessings and true colours of happiness. The beautiful allegory lies in the fact that through it your parents rejoice in parenthood which is a forever precious element. 

So here we have a wonderful guide to make your invites interesting and apt for your grand day. Take these tips to get it done that way amazingly full of pulchritude and catchy.


1. Your invitations put the everlasting impact on your guests, so take time to get it right with colour scheming, fonts, lettering and messages. Put effort to plan your invitations with either minimal or detailed design conceptualisation. This will rightly set the mood of your invitation plans.

2. Flat folded cards and traditional card blanks are great to go with minimal information personalised in your own style. Wallet-style wedding invites are even fancy and great for adding lots of information, inserts and RSVP cards as well.


3. You can use a neutral or pastel colour for the cards, then add hues through printing, embellishments, studded stones or ribbons.Card textures can bring a beautiful difference to the overall feel of an invitation, either from rustic matte textures to contemporary pearlescent effects or to vintage tapestry styles. You can also consider foil stamping or printing the front part of the wedding cards, or use amazing glittery shimmery peel-off stickers.

4. Simplicity is the ultimate key to beauty. You can keep things really elegant and simple with ribbon down the spine of the card. Alternatively, a ribbon can be also used as a belt or divider for your invites.


5. To bring an accent of colour or to add a bit of sparkle, decorative papers can be used for strips, wraps and panels. Layer decorative panels with the same card as your base invite printed with your names, initials, dates and so on.

6. Some styles of inserts can be even mounted on decorative papers or contrasting cards and you have to be choosy enough to choose your insert from a huge range of textures and colours. Take your time to get the insert wording crisp and perfect. 


7. Try to keep the style of your font in sync with the rest of the invitation. Also, remember to keep the font clear and easy to read. Accent colours can be introduced by printing in coloured ink, or metallic foil printed inserts will also make it look stunning.

8. Postage envelopes come in standard sizes, so make sure your invitation will fit in one before you get too far down the line. The envelope is the first thing people see when receiving your invitation, so consider making it special with pearlescent or textured paper.