How To Unconventionally Incorporate Leather In Your Outfits


Leather, yes, the name is enough to make chills run down any fashionista’s spine. We’ll admit it, styling leather is no joke. If you know it, you can make jaws drop, but a little experimental move can sometimes go horribly wrong, which is why you wouldn’t see quite many adopting the trend. Leather is a power move to be honest and deep down every fashionably enlightened spirit wants to master it, but all you get to see in the name of leather these days is the conventional biker black leather jacket or maybe a small leather purse or clutch. There are many little gems that leather has to offer to us but usually go unnoticed because of its villainous image. But Wedding Affair today brings to you some of the unconventional ways of incorporating leather in your outfits that we are sure you would love to try!

1. Leather Shirt 

Yes,  leather shirts exist if you didn’t already know. A bold yet flirty look could be one where you belt up an oversized leather shirt with some thigh-high boots,simply godly. Or even going for a monochromatic look like the one in the picture would be a great idea. Pro-tip: leather always looks sexy when teamed up with confidence.

2. Leather Shorts

Giving cute shorts a required twist  of sexy, leather shorts are also a talk of the fashion town these days. Pair a set of high-waisted leather shorts with maybe a chunky turtleneck or go a little cheeky with a plunge neck bodysuit with it for summers and you’ll be ready for a casual brunch with your friends or even a club-night with your girls. 

 3. Leather Dress

Nothing is more sexy than a simple short bodycon dress in leather. It’s ‘Meghan-Fox-just-out-of-the-pool’ hot, trust us on this. Basic accessorization would go a long way with this look like some funky yet classy shades and a cute purse dangling along your side and some pumps or thigh-high boots, whatever might be your vibe that day.

 4. Leather Bell Bottom Pants

Hands down, Bella floored us with this look. Bell bottom pants are a classic in themselves and then the dash of leather over it simply makes it a trend every woman needs to get her hands on. Like Bella, style these pants with a sleek pony or low bun with a tucked in oversized shirt halfway unbuttoned. No, these won’t be nightmare like Ross’s pants.

5. Leather Pleated Skirt

Fitted pencil leather skirts are already a trend in formal clothing but lately pleated leather skirts are also making their dynamic place in the realm. These are the key to a really aesthetic Parisian look, you know, with boots, turtlenecks and cute beret caps. Quite versatile, you can basically rock it with anything and everything. 


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