A honeymoon guide for arranged marriage couple

Joel Overbeck

Butterflies and caterpillars are quaking over giving you sleepless nights. You know that time is near when you’ll embrace each other for love and lust, we’re not judging (wink!). You are giddy to your qualms about the first night and honeymoon. Admit it! You don’t plan to gain this insight from aunties or friends. Here’s a quick checklist to calm your qualms while you enjoy the intimate fantasies.

Know Yourself. Know Each Other! 

Communicate whenever you can. Seek signs amidst your all-nighters like – where does your beau plan to go or take you? Phone sex doesn’t hurt. In fact, it is the ultimate “Pleasure without pain”. Discuss each others’ fantasies whenever you can to bring better clarity about each other’s perspectives and intimacy goals.

Entertaining Customs And Rituals

Ok! So no one will explain this. Recognizing your new customs will eliminate the risk of the unknown. Some communities practice the ritual of a night’s separation and do not allow the newlyweds to sleep together. Knowing in advance about such customs will help you curb the anxiety of being new.

Place Of Zest!

Exchange your ideas about the choice of honeymoon destinations – beaches, hills, exotic locations, etc. You can even discuss the fantasy places to elope in- a car’s backseat, train, on the floor, closet etc. Let the wild in you unleash. For the adventurous ones, a sneaky pre-honeymoon could be more memorable than the baby making-vacation.

Allef Viniciu

Budget It!

Since now you have selected your place for or making love, you can always plan to club your finances. This will not only give you a sense of ownership but expand the options of making it more memorable.

The Sweet Pain!

Let not the sweet pain reform into a dreadful night. Consider carrying lubricants. They come in various textures and flavours. You can always be the exciting one in case the other forgets to pack the grease.

Discuss Contraceptives

Do not hesitate to explore the available choices of contraceptives. It is always better to consider a gynae since contraceptives come attached with their respective pros and cons. Also, know when to begin the contraceptives, well in advance.

Wise Clothing. Wiser Lingerie!

We all want to dress to impress. But ladies, it is time to “Dress-to-kill”. Pack wisely in accord with the place. However, pack lingerie even more wisely.  Shop together for some fun. Know that not all raunchy can be sensuous.

Davids Kokainis

Remember Why You’re There!

Fights are bound to rise. You both are going to taste the waters for the first time. Let it go because, in the end, you need to savour your holiday. Ladies! Hold your horses and, remember this time will never return.

Divide And Rule!

Do not rush into scheduling your vacation just the next day to your wedding. The charm of being pampered in a marriage stays for a while. So plan your honeymoon for a bit later. Divide it into small holidays one for each month to keep the excitement alive along with a breather.

It’s Not About Only ‘ride It’!

Do not practice your sexist-self more than needed. Killing the surprise and the pleasure wouldn’t be fun.  Unfurl each day or night as it comes. Have a happy honeymoon, our lovelies! Or shall we say honeymoonS!

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