Ace the aesthetic!: A few ways to take aesthetic images!


Fashion and style sure do make you look great on your social media handles, but what about images? Arent you curious to know that how do these bloggers look so aesthetic and vintage in their images? If yes, then here we have a few tips for all you Gen Z butterflies to follow in order to make your images look more aesthetic and eye-catching *wink*

Natural aesthetic: choose natural light


Well, girls and boys, especially the girls, we all know that there is a certain kind of unrest in everyones mind about taking aesthetic pictures. There are several questions that pop up, and the first question is always how”. Speaking of how the first step towards taking an aesthetic picture is to use natural light instead of banking on flashlights. If youre really in dire need of some aesthetic images for your Instagram and other social media spots well then you should either click pictures around the sunrise or around the golden hour. This way youll get that natural shiny and oily look for your images.

Colour scheme: choose the theme!

Are you really looking forward to being an influencer? Well, then my friend you must master the art of taking aesthetic images. And the second tip for doing that is to choose a particular theme or a color scheme for your images or for your social media feed. Chaotic images might look like a great idea from a faraway distance, but the truth lies in the fact that people love consistency and that is the key to creating an aesthetic setup for your images. Every person tends to have their own unique style and preference, so whats yours? Figure it out and choose the right color palette for your dream feed.

The cherry on the top: editing

Yea we get all the keeping it natural” kinda vibes, but little edit hurt no one. Speaking of aesthetic images well then it is better to analyze the image once youve chosen it and then adjust the lighting, the contrast, shadow, and other factors to edit them according to the aesthetic standards. So, if you really want your Instagram to be all catchy and aesthetic then you better download a good image editor on your device.

You gotta grain!


Well, now this is probably one of the most important factors in terms of taking aesthetic images. Because if youre looking for vintage aesthetic effects then you gotta grain my friend! Making the image a little hazy and blurred might give you all the sexy and intense aesthetic look that youve been looking for.

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